Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY Glade Plug in Refill

HEY Paple!
I love the weekend.  Daniel and I went out on a date last night to a fancy steakhouse in town and are planning to do some home projects today/carve pumpkins.  Love that man.
Soooo, I'm pretttty strict about my casa.  My mom taught me all of this, so you can blame her!
Some of the rules of the house include:
  • Beds made every. single. day. (I think I got that from my Grandma Joann- along with 5000 other things!)
  • Laundry in the laundry room only- not in the bedroom or any other room.
  • No clutter- clean up after yourself!  This house rarely looks messy.
  • No dishes in the sink-ever-unless the dishwasher is running and there wasn't room.
  • Vacuum lines!
  • And it must smell pretty.

Ha, clearly I don't have children (and clearly my husband hates me) (clearly I am joking.  He loves me lots and I like to tell myself he appreciates coming home to cleanliness).
Anyway, I don't really like to burn candles because of the flame and smoke.  Most of my candles are decoration.  Instead, I like to use knock off Scentsy-esque wax warmers (I'm sorry for all you Scentsy dealers out there, but they are just too expensive!  I'm a teacher!) that I bought at Hob Lob for $10 each OR have Glade Plug ins.  Problem is, the glad warmer inserts are so expensive.  I hate to buy new, so I hold off and hold off until the warmer turns brown from burning fumes.  Gross.  Here is a cheappppp way to refill those suckers (or any other brand!)

Buy essential oil (heard you can get tiny bottles from the dollar store- or you can use this technique to buy theirs, open them up, and pour the oil into your plug ins) or buy this oil from Hob Lob- it's in the soap section, but the label says you can use it in oil warmers, too.  You will notice the label says it was $9.99.  Print a 40% off coupon at the Hob Lob website and get it for $6 instead.

Follow these steps:

Take your warmer and eject the oil pot.

See that little ridge in the cap?  We want to pop that off.

Use a knife to get under that ridge and lift the cap off.

Fill the pot with your oil (mine is Fresh rain- I gravitate towards clean scents, go figure- but they have a few more.  Not a huge selection, though!)

Replace the cap and you are set!

I filled 4 pots and used about 1/3 of the oil.  SO for around $2, I was able to have 4 replacement oil pots.  Bazinga.

If you are into clean, green, inexpensive living (as I am obsessed with), visit my Jenni's blog, Simply Prudent.  She is currently writing through a month-long series about running her home with various different routines and ideas.  LOVE IT.  We do a lot of the same things, but I'll spare you a post and just have you read hers!



  1. lol. Your house sounds like a place to come vacay at. I mainly put my shoes in one basket...but more than once a week I have to look under the couch/coffee table for a missing shoe. We don't even have a flat sheet on our bed...just our duvet so if we are lucky it might get a shake down before we get into bed for the night- yep we call it "fluffing you in" cause generally I am already in bed & 1/2 asleep when dan starts "fluffing" the comforter. Oh laundry-I'm not even going to comment. We are pretty clutter less folks... unless I am in the middle of a craft project. And then I don't clean up till I'm done. (makes dan crazy in the head). We have no carpet to put lines into- only hardwoods. BUT I totally agree with a good smelling house AND I get sooo mad when there are dishes in the sink! Put them in the dishwasher people (my mom would say "your maid doesn't live here") I even get annoyed if they are dishes I put in the sink. haha. (Side note- dan just walked into our bed room and decared "found your flip-flops...I moved the couch" So I guess I should aim better for the basket. )

  2. this totally saved my life today! I actually had a bottle of essencial oil from the dollar tree! (24oz) that I bought a couple years ago. I live in NYC so luxury items like Glade refills run about $7.00!! Thanks again!

    1. Christine, what section/aisle did you find the essential oil at Dollar Tree?

  3. Thank you for this, I love a pretty smelling house but I hate buying all those refills, this will save me a ton. I love your blog found you via pinterest and finding more and more that I love.

  4. I bought the huge glass bottled ones when a store has a set of three for $3 ... getting rid of the sent I guess. Anyway, it takes 2 of those small oil scents from the dollar store to fill it and if you visit they sell replacement wicks in a set of 5 for $3.27. of course the store is located in England, but I did ask if they might know of some on line stores in the U.S. that carry the proper replacement wicks for the plug ins besides them.

  5. I just went and got me the glade starter kit from costco even though iv been looking at it for a while but rejecting the idea of having to refill it reach time. But thanx to u. Now my house smells fresh again love this idea. Thank u

  6. Katie, Does your bottle list ingredients? I drove to the nearest Hobby Lobby today (a long way) and they only had this brand in tiny bottles, smaller than the actual plug-in container, for $2.99. No ingredients were listed for me to compare a bottle of vanilla candle type oil that was flammable, so I did not purchase anything.

  7. Hi Katie! SO glad I found this, because I have the same issues with getting refills (and yes, my warmers can get a bit brown, but you can wash them easily with some rubbing alcohol, or shampoo/Dawn dish detergent. [Dawn goes on sale at our CVS a few times a year. We use our bogus card and they are only 99 cents!]) so I was really glad to have found your site! As for actually finding different scented oils, your best bet is to go to a "headshop"- the places that sell cigarettes and glass pipes and hookahs and Grateful Dead/Jimi Hendrix stuff. We go to one because they carry our cigarettes, and they always have the best selections of oils! (Incense, as well.) Now, I don't know what those places look like out in the mid-west, but generally, any fairly large-ish town with an antique store/consignment shop/gallery section of town should be able to help you find them. (I am guessing that people who smoke stuff that isn't always legal like to mask the odor with scented oils and incense?) Some also sell scented candles, but you'll find some odd scents as well, like colognes! No kidding! Other than boutiques (which are MUCH more expensive!) that's pretty much the only place I can think of where I've ALWAYS found scented oils that might be available to you in the mid-west. I am thinking that with smaller bottles of scented oil, you could get away with adding them to a carrier oil.

  8. I bought a 32 oz bottle of Tahitian vanilla oil for potpourri pots was reduced to $2. check the discount area or craft area at Walmart. That will refill a lot of them. I also pour a little of this on top of potted artificial plants for a little extra around different areas of the house.

  9. The only kind i was able to find was a huge bottle of what was labeled liquid potpourri…but it looks liquidy and not oily at all. Can i use this? I am guessing it's for burners as well, but maybe those crock pot looking burners.


  10. I was reading that spiders don't like eucalyptus and peppermint, so I was thinking of doing this in the garage.

  11. TRYED! TRYED! and TRYED again! ������ I can NOT get the top off of the Glade Plug-in! I've tried every tool my husband has in the garage and all my knives, forks, choppers, slicers, dicers!! I GIVE UP! GRRRR IM GOING TO THE STORE!

  12. Can you fill us in on the fragrance you use now? All I find at hobby lobby is tiny little bottles


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