Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frugal Home Series Part 6: How to Cut Men's Hair

I apologize for the lull in this series.  The past few weeks have been difficult ones for us, but here we are again!  =)

Frugal Home Series Part 6:  How to Cut Men's Hair

Hair is just something we don't value much.

Daniel:  "What is that supposed to mean?!"  =)
True, his hair is thinning (even though he has a ton of it and it goes extremely fast) and I was born bald and didn't have much until I was 2 or 3 (and still don't).  It isn't something we care to spend a lot of money on.
I get my hair cut at Great Clips or Fantastic Sams (I can hear the gasps out there!) because I always just get everything trimmed (never dyed my hair and don't plan on starting!).  To be honest, I wear my hair wavy/curled anyway, so even if a layer here or there is uneven, ya can't tell.  I spend about $10 every two months.

And Daniel?  Well, I cut his.  I didn't know what I was doing when I started, but I've been doing it for 4 years now and he hasn't gotten it cut elsewhere since. 

Before we started dating, Daniel had a curly fro.  I feel in love with him immediately, but woof.  I hated that hair.
This was when he was in high school, years before I met him and I'm sure he didn't get a single hair cut between this picture and the time I met him.  Look at that height!  Ha.  What a handsome guy.  Lucky girl!

He must have caught wind of it, because he went and got it cut right before he asked me out on our first date.  Well, first of all, the gal that did it clearly didn't know what she was doing.  It was uneven and the top didn't blend well with the sides.  It was better than before and grew quickly, but I figured- meh, this can't be that hard.  Now, I cut it just the way he likes it (and just the way I like it).  And, it's our favorite price- FREE!

This is what you will need to buy:

I have had to buy replacement shears because someone stole them and cut paper and dulled them up.  :)  Either way, it's about a $10-$15 investment at Walmart.

First, wet the hair.  Daniel puts his head over the tub.

Second, I section Daniel's head into 3 areas- A, B, and C.  We will cut them in that order and then go back and trim up the sides.

I use a 3/8 inch guard on the back and sides for section A.  A is the back of his head and sides up to the "crown" of his head.  Make sure you get every hair!

Then, I use a 5/8 inch guard to cut section B to "blend" section A with the top.

Then, I use a comb and shears and trim section C by hand.  I usually cut it as close to my fingers as I can, then make sure it blends well with section B.  I also trim the hair above his ears with the shears because I.. woops.. made a big boo boo when I tried to do it with the buzzers once. 

Now, trim any extra hairs around the face.  I comb his hair down and trim in this pattern:
Daniel calls this his "comb over".  I just think it's plain handsome.
 Now, take the guard off the buzzer and trim the sideburns, sides, and back.

Done!  Free. Because his hair grows so fast, I cut it about once a month.  This saves us $10/month.

Thanks to my dear hubs Daniel for starring in this post.  Love you!


  1. Yay! I've been waiting for this post... lol

  2. Thanks. Used the info to cut my son-in-law's hair for the first time today!

  3. I trim my husband's hair too, except I cut it dry and use scissors all the way through. I trim my own hair too. We haven't spent money on hairdressers for many years!

    If it's long enough it's really easy to trim your own hair! There's two main methods out there. Feye's method ( and for layers, put your hair back in a ponytail and pull the end straight over the top of your head, and cut straight across. The higher you make the ponytail, the greater the difference between the longest and shortest layers.

  4. Your post is going to make a lot of hairdressers jobless one day!

    1. No its not. That looks like a home cut. Hairstylist, maybe not all, but enough, can do amaxing things

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