Wednesday, October 16, 2013

39 Weeks

Today we are 40 weeks along and have hit the due date-and I completely forgot to post our 39 week update yesterday!

Our 40-week OB appointment was actually at 39 weeks and 6 days.  Everyone was so surprised to see us!  Our doctors were sure I'd not make it this far.  They aren't sure how much lower the baby could get without falling out!  She must be holding on for dear life in there.  I am 2 cm dilated (still) and 75% effaced (still) and "super soft", whatever that means.  My mucus plug started to come out Sunday afternoon and is completely gone now.  When the doctor checked me, she said she could feel the baby's hair!  I clearly know I am having a child and will be caring for a little baby girl any day now.  But all the ultrasounds, the kicks-it's all like a dream to me.  I still feel completely normal and comfortable, almost forgetting I am pregnant sometimes, so maybe that's part of it.  But when she said she could feel hair, I had to physically stop myself from saying, "Um, there is a BABY IN THERE?!!?"  I still can't believe this is happening to us.  We deserve so little and yet are blessed not because of what we deserve but because our Lord is so gracious and good.  It blows my mind.

I haven't been having a lot of contractions since 38 weeks.  I had quite a few yesterday and thought maybe if they could stick around, it may have been the Big Day.  They fizzled out.  I walked way too much yesterday trying to get her out, and all it got me was feeling like my pelvis was broken in half and needing help to roll all of this acreage over in bed.  We have an induction scheduled for Monday the 21st if she doesn't come before then, which is fine by me.  I hear there is a full moon this weekend, so hoping old wives tales work in my favor and she is here by the end of it.

This week I kind of hit a new emotional level regarding parenting and being a mother.  I can tell my hormones are in high gear and making me emotional, but there was just this sense of arrival I had over the weekend.  We started a new series in Ephesians at church recently, and it is so, so good.  With this baby coming, and really understanding (but not really-I mean no one will until we are face to face with Jesus!) and hearing of the assurance we have in Christ and the inheritance we are as his people-I don't know.  It hit me hard.  I think of this little girl, how much we already treasure her so.  I can think of nothing I wouldn't do for her, to protect her, to teach her, to make her know my love for her and make her understand one day how much we wanted her for so long-all of those emotions, I know the Lord has for his children and he has for me and for her.  I so often tell myself I am not worthy of being loved that way, but then I think of her and how much I love her already, and I start to see a glimpse of what that love is like.  To know Christ as the Lord's Son, to know he traded Him for me in Christ's death, as an inheritance, just leaves me in a place I am unfamiliar with.  Knowing parenting will be the hardest thing we will do, but also knowing it will teach us these kinds of lessons brings me to tears.  I cannot wait for this little girl to be here.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Nursery Tour

The nursery is finally done and we are anxiously waiting for baby!  It took us a few months, but we wanted so save some money by making things ourselves or refurbing other items.  We wanted the nursery to be elegant and simple and a happy place for us all to be.  I am thrilled by how it came together!

 Dresser-Craigslist Refurb $50
Bulletin Board (for art, pictures, whatev):  Thrift Refurb $4
Baskets (one has bows, one swaddles)- Walmart, $5
Wire Basket (Cloth Wipe supplies/Diaper cream)- Goodwill $2
Contoured Changing Pad Cover- Tutorial

Window- Thrifted, painted white (it was brown) $20
Wreath- Goodwill $2
Bedding- I made them from these tutorials:
Bumper-Directions on package (Joann Fabric sells a bumper kit, by the foam pads)
Fabrics from Walmart (Bows), Etsy, and

Bookshelf-Nebraska Furniture Mart (It was damaged so we got it discounted)
Frames:  TJ Maxx, various
Mirror- Had it, spray painted (was brown)

Vase-TJ Maxx $4
Flower-Hobby Lobby $3
Frame/Print- Michaels, $4 (I made the print and glittered the frame)
Mercury Lamp- TJ Maxx $20 Clearance
Frame- Michaels $10, spray painted silver (for coming home outfit)
Ottoman- Thrifted and reupholstered $38 (including upholstery fabric)
Sign- $12, Tutorial Here

White bins, top- Aldi, $5 for two
Brown basket-Goodwill $3
Tan Bins (center)- Target, ITSO Medium Fabric Drawer, $6 each
Clothing Dividers-$1 Hobby Lobby (O's painted with silver spray paint from the mirror/frame)

Wainscoting around room-Tutorial here

The only thing missing is our little Girl!  
Comment with any questions and I will do my best to get back with a reply.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

38 Weeks

I vowed to get this up on time.  Yes!  Very surreal getting to the point where she might be here before I can get a weekly picture or blog post done.  Great motivation!

Week 38 was a game changer!  We had our weekly appointment on day 1 of week 38 and the doctor said I was at a 1 and close to a 2, 50% effaced.  I have a "beautiful cervix"- well, thanks!  That's a new one for me.  Apparently it's softer than most first time moms'?  I don't know this game.  Never played before.  I asked about how "late" I would be allowed to go if Little Miss didn't decide to come on time because I had to change doctors mid pregnancy and wasn't sure if this was a doctor preference or office/hospital policy.

Answer:  You would be induced between 40 and 41 weeks after a NST and biophysical profile.  I doubt you will make it to 40 weeks.


I have been pretty prepared all pregnancy to work diligently and get things ready, knowing I am not guaranteed 40 weeks of prep time.  I know more first time moms that went early than late, and while I don't know when she will come nor do I care if she is early (at this point) or late, hearing it from the doctor is a little shocking!!

Contractions are still happening almost every night and getting more intense.  It doesn't really help with the whole sleep issue, but I honestly love feeling them.  I know we are both working hard in there to get ready for the big day and it is such a relief.  I was telling Daniel last week that sometimes I just wish she would come out because I don't trust that my body can do what it's supposed to do and take care of her.  After that past 2 years, it's been hard to have faith in my body and trust it (which is silly, but whatever).  I often think she would just be safer out at this point than in (again, silly, I know)!  But, I know the Lord will care for us and will work for our good and she will come out when she is ready.  Even though we are having contractions at night, I feel completely normal.  I am hardly uncomfortable and still feel my belly to make sure I am indeed pregnant because I feel so great.  Wanting this baby out has nothing to do with my comfort and everything to do with meeting her!  The anticipation is killing us!

This week we packed the car with the hospital gear and I worked on some sewing projects to pass the time-nothing that needs to be done now or before she comes (or even in the weeks after she is here!).  I picked up some sparkling grape juice to celebrate her after she comes and baked our nurses some chocolate chip cookies (they are in the freezer and ready to go!).  We made a little "Its a Girl" banner for the mantle for when she comes home (and yes, it's already up!) and decorated our front steps with a Daddy, Momma, and baby pumpkin =).  I also did some lesson planning for church so that Daniel and the other people that help with Bible Quiz would have the crafts and materials ready to go. I find myself doing things that I understand "she will not remember", and I know that.  But one day, she will know.  She will know how much we wanted her, how long we waited for her, how much we prayed for her, and how excited we were to bring her home and make her ours.  She will know the joy we have always had for her and the ways we rejoiced over her-and I cannot wait for the day when I can share it all with her.

Week 39 in just 2 days!  Hoping for more progress down there and a little one soon!
Nursery Tour and hospital bag packing lists this week-stay tuned!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

36 and 37 Weeks

A look back at 36 and 37 weeks....

These weeks have been a total change physically.  I have noticed that both my pelvis and feet really take a beating during the day and I have a hard time getting comfortable at night and while I "sleep"/coma induce myself with Tylenol PM.  My pelvic floor is sore and sometimes I think I am going to poop that baby out.  Even when things are sore or achy, I love them.  I love being able to see and feel the differences in my body as she grows and her little home in there adapts.  It is so fun!  I have had this random thought throughout my entire pregnancy- every time I go to the bathroom and -ehem- wipe something, I have a mental image of her arm reaching out and grabbing my hand.  It's terrifying and plays in my mind literally every time I go to the bathroom, but I assure you it has yet to happen.  I have never had a problem with swelling this pregnancy (well, except for when we flew to Europe at 20 weeks, but walking fixed it in a day), but if I spend a lot of time on my feet even doing housework or running errands to hoard soap and food for post baby (which happens a lot!), I end the day with chubby toes and wake up in the morning feeling like I have Flintstone feet (the bottoms hurt!).
I wouldn't say that my hands look swollen, but my wedding ring is officially off and not going back on.  I feel like people look at me like I am 16 and pregger, but sorry.  It's too tight!
I have been crazy nesting (like, vacuuming the walls again and wiping down all the doors and baseboards in the house with a Magic Eraser- Oh, and vacuuming out the freezers nobigdeel).  I have been having a ball with it!  I am still feeling sad that this pregnancy is almost over for me, but definitely feeling increasingly excited to finally hold and mother this girl, see the love of my life be a Dad.  I have still been needy emotionally with Daniel, which I am sure he is sick of.  I read in a book sometime ago that women want to be coddled and loved on right before and after they give birth.  I thought that was kind of silly, but it is totally true for me!  He of course has been doing a very good job =)
A new thing for me these weeks has been a little anxiety.  As I have realized how close we are to the birth, I am feeling some fear about actually giving birth.  I know what is going to happen (well, to a point... you know what I mean!) and what the books and blogs tell me to expect.  I think having never done it before and knowing it is going to hurt scares me just a little.  I am sure I will be in good hands and Daniel will be hovering, so it will be okay.  Just can't wait for that gooey baby to get put on my chest and cry our eyes out.  I have had times of almost panic realizing that these are our final days as a twosome.  I know we are about to experience blessings and joy that are completely amazing and that we have been waiting and praying for for years, but knowing such a big change is on the horizon is both exciting and a little terrifying.  I worry I won't be a good Mom, that I will forget to feed her, and that I will leave her somewhere.  No one tells you those pre-wedding nightmares one day turn into pre-baby nightmares!

We completely finished the nursery during week 37 and it feels so wonderful.  I love how it came together and the happiness I feel being in there.  It's just a sweet room. Honestly, I thought I would have had everything done earlier than I did, but it worked out well and kept me busy during these last few weeks. Once I vacuumed it for the final time, I told Daniel I was a little sad I was done and he said "NO.  NO MORE PROJECTS!"  Can't keep a girl from her sewing machine I will tell you that!  We have no bibs, so I bought some fabric for that and I wanted to start on making some Christmas presents for her.  That should help pass the time.
The car seat is installed (with a mirror for me to see her and a shade, of course!) and our hospital bags are packed, minus the "last minute grab items" like my makeup and curling iron (yes, I am vain and will fix myself before pictures!  Judge me #idontcare).  I am working on a hospital bag post now so I will share it soon.

My Group B Strep came back negative (woohoo!) and I am having more and more contractions at night.  They are pretty constant, not rhythmic, so not really timing them yet.  I am going to miss her in my belly, but to see her face- can't help but cry just thinking of it.  Can't wait for this baby girl!

Things to work on during week 38-
  • Actually post a time-accurate weekly update (faillll)
  • Load hospital bags in the car
  • Finish our labor music play list
  • Stay on top of laundry and iron all of Daniel's shirts (he really doesn't wear anything besides button up shirts anymore!  sohot)
  • Sew some bibs/Christmas Dolls to keep busy
  • Fill out (what we can) of Baby Book
  • Blog nursery and hospital bag

It's almost time!
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