Saturday, May 26, 2012

Planters and Petunias

This whole home-owner thing has created a beast within me. A few months ago, we found some flower planter troughs at Salvation Army for $2.79 each.  I thought it seemed like a pretty good deal.  After all, the tags and hanging hardware were still attached.  Even better.  The real price was missing, so I was unaware of our savings margin.

I thought we needed new hardware because the brackets on the basket hung over the railing too far, so I ventured to Lowes.  I strutted my way past the DIY kits to the inner aisles, where people who really know what they are doing shop.  I found my L-brackets and proudly paid for them.  Turns out, we didn't need them (we are dummies and didn't know you could flip the brackets upside down), but I did peak at some of the planters they were selling just to see the price comparison (because, well, don't all of us cheap skates do that?  Of course!).
20 bucks.  Whhhhaaaat?!?!  Hmm, I paid $3 instead of $20.  That would be an 85% savings, folks.  Booooooooya.

The sweet hub set them up for me and taught me how to plant them and prune the flowers inside.  He is the best (unless you are planting flowers in a tree bed and a frog leaps out at you when you are moving mulch- in which case you will scream and he will throw a hunk of dirt at your face that was intended to-what, kill???-the toad)!
I purchased the petunias at Walmart for about $3 each and the geraniums in the middle were from Mother's Day at church.  It took us a few days to plant them, so hopefully they survive.  I thought about putting something more lively in the middle, but they are special to me!

I'll say it once and say it again- the sole purpose of weeds has got to be evidence of the fall of man.  Really.  Hurray for spending most of our day tomorrow picking them.


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