Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cheap Christmas Cards

It is officially Christmas card season.  We like to send one out every year and I always like to include a little picture.  I know no one probably cares to have a mug of my face on their fridge, but I like to see our pictures evolve over time in our marriage.  The first few totally sucked.  I like to have nice pictures in our cards, so one year I put my name into a drawing for one of those mall photog places for a free session and-woohoo-actually won.
Meh, turned out okay.  Not a huge fan of those places, but I guess it came out better than my Kodak.

We invested in a DSLR last Thanksgiving to take nice pictures of our babies (uuhhh, still waiting on that one, Lord) and were able to bribe my sister-in-law into being our photographer this year (we lost our tripod last week.  Bah!).  In case you are thinking of buying a nice camera, it's been one of the best investments we have ever made- just be ready to invest in additional lenses (and a copy of Photoshop!) if you want great photos.

Anyway, I looked on Shutterfly to order cards and they are SO expensive!  We need about 30 (sorry- we are only sending them to family and super close friends), and they wanted almost $2 per card!  Nope.

Checked out Vista Print- awesome.  We got 30 cards for $25.  They have some pretty cute options if anyone is looking.  Shipping was $5 and they claim the cards should come by December 15, which is plenty of time for turn around.  You can pay more for faster shipping.  However, I have ordered from them before and chose the cheaper, slower shipping and had them by the end of the same week.  Order now if you can and choose the "slow" shipping!



Happy Holidays from us!

(And Yes, we totally took this with our own camera for freeeeeee.  Love)


  1. LOVE the Christmas card :) Beautiful couple! We have a good camera, but I am not at expert in need to teach me :) Love you!!

    1. Love you! Love your family pictures... send me one! Do you have photoshop? Next time we hang out I will teach you!! It's hard to learn but it's easy once you know what's going on. I miss you!


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