Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nursery Plans

I'm a pretty picky gal.  I know, it's so awful of me.  I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of nursery plans since, well, we were TTCing a year and a half ago!  Have you been to StyleBerry Blog?  Freaking love her.  She wrote The Baby List of all the things she used and couldn't do without in terms of baby products.  Sure, every mom is different, but it's super comprehensive and a huge help.  Granted, I might not use the same things, but I don't have any background at this point besides years of daycare work.  I peaked at it a few times before we registered (yes, we already started because I have a shower coming up soon!) and was so thankful I did.

She posted a gender-neutral nursery for her son and I fell in love right away.  I'm making all of Bebe's bedding this summer, so I hope to find close to the same colors.  Not decided on prints yet, but there will be lots for sure!  (she links all of her products on the post.. just go there!)

Hello!  Gorg.  Our nursery lets in a lot of light like this and we already bought a white crib, so I need to start accumulating accessories.  I originally thought-yes, this will be for a boy.  Not sure on a girl's nursery yet.  But, I got to thinking that I love it so much, I will do it for a girl, too.  I'm not a huge fan of pink or purple anyway.

We have been obsessing over a chair.  I don't like rockers and traditional gliders. Not sure why, just looking for a different, well, "look" I guess.  Daniel is wanting a recliner, and I can't find one I like.  I want a big fluffy upholstered chair, but I worry I will miss the ability to rock.  Pottery Barn sells them for a whopping $1000, which is way too much.  We finally found this chair at Nebraska Furniture Mart:

We need to go see it in store (thankfully we live by one!), but I like the linen-look of the fabric.  Sew a throw pillow to match the bedding and get an ottoman and call it good!

So, I get the deal with the bumper debate- where do you stand?


  1. Love the colors and the chair. I didn't want a rocker either, just prop my feet on the ottoman and swaying my knees back and forth is just enough rocking motion for the little one. I am using a bumper. My little one scoots all the way to the corners (while shes sleeping) but still breathes just fine. Plus, I noticed that her nostrils are not as soft as ours, so her nose doesn't smash in as easily :). Congrats! And best of luck

  2. We loved our bumper. I made it. It was the "unsafe kind" but by the time she was rolling around I was glad to have it for fear of her arm or leg getting stuck and broken. I think they are cute and functional. Plus as bad as it sounds- I figured the bumper was the least of my sleeping worries with Emmaus- that wasn't the thing I was worried about hurting her ya know? But I am probably too relaxed about things often- so take my advice for what it is worth.

  3. Cute inspiration!!! I came across your blog because I have been eying this chair for our nursery after a recent trip to NFM. Maybe, I'll snoop around and see if you have pictures of a finished room! :)


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