Sunday, October 6, 2013

38 Weeks

I vowed to get this up on time.  Yes!  Very surreal getting to the point where she might be here before I can get a weekly picture or blog post done.  Great motivation!

Week 38 was a game changer!  We had our weekly appointment on day 1 of week 38 and the doctor said I was at a 1 and close to a 2, 50% effaced.  I have a "beautiful cervix"- well, thanks!  That's a new one for me.  Apparently it's softer than most first time moms'?  I don't know this game.  Never played before.  I asked about how "late" I would be allowed to go if Little Miss didn't decide to come on time because I had to change doctors mid pregnancy and wasn't sure if this was a doctor preference or office/hospital policy.

Answer:  You would be induced between 40 and 41 weeks after a NST and biophysical profile.  I doubt you will make it to 40 weeks.


I have been pretty prepared all pregnancy to work diligently and get things ready, knowing I am not guaranteed 40 weeks of prep time.  I know more first time moms that went early than late, and while I don't know when she will come nor do I care if she is early (at this point) or late, hearing it from the doctor is a little shocking!!

Contractions are still happening almost every night and getting more intense.  It doesn't really help with the whole sleep issue, but I honestly love feeling them.  I know we are both working hard in there to get ready for the big day and it is such a relief.  I was telling Daniel last week that sometimes I just wish she would come out because I don't trust that my body can do what it's supposed to do and take care of her.  After that past 2 years, it's been hard to have faith in my body and trust it (which is silly, but whatever).  I often think she would just be safer out at this point than in (again, silly, I know)!  But, I know the Lord will care for us and will work for our good and she will come out when she is ready.  Even though we are having contractions at night, I feel completely normal.  I am hardly uncomfortable and still feel my belly to make sure I am indeed pregnant because I feel so great.  Wanting this baby out has nothing to do with my comfort and everything to do with meeting her!  The anticipation is killing us!

This week we packed the car with the hospital gear and I worked on some sewing projects to pass the time-nothing that needs to be done now or before she comes (or even in the weeks after she is here!).  I picked up some sparkling grape juice to celebrate her after she comes and baked our nurses some chocolate chip cookies (they are in the freezer and ready to go!).  We made a little "Its a Girl" banner for the mantle for when she comes home (and yes, it's already up!) and decorated our front steps with a Daddy, Momma, and baby pumpkin =).  I also did some lesson planning for church so that Daniel and the other people that help with Bible Quiz would have the crafts and materials ready to go. I find myself doing things that I understand "she will not remember", and I know that.  But one day, she will know.  She will know how much we wanted her, how long we waited for her, how much we prayed for her, and how excited we were to bring her home and make her ours.  She will know the joy we have always had for her and the ways we rejoiced over her-and I cannot wait for the day when I can share it all with her.

Week 39 in just 2 days!  Hoping for more progress down there and a little one soon!
Nursery Tour and hospital bag packing lists this week-stay tuned!


  1. Reading your blog gives me hope for the world. In a society where there are so many un-planned, un-wanted, out-of-wedlock, and teen pregnancies, and many more couples who choose not to have children so they can pursue other (dare I say, selfish) endeavors, I love to hear how excited y'all are for your little girl. She is a blessed spirit to come into a home full of so much love and with a strong focus on Christ. God bless you!
    P.S. I hope it's not weird I read your blog since I haven't talked to you since middle school!! lol I just think you are the coolest!


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