Monday, July 15, 2013

26 Weeks

Not much difference from last week.  This is by far my most favorite point in our pregnancy so far.  Here are the few things that stand out!
  1. Her kicks are so much harder now!!  I thought they were noticeable before, but they are getting stronger and stronger!  We do our kick counts, and she is all over the place, all day long!  We can see her from the outside with almost every kick and punch.  She responds much more noticeably to sounds now, too.  The other day we were in church and I guess I was leaning over too much- she kicked my stomach so hard that she kicked my boob.  It was great!  My favorite thing still is to feel her flip over and squirm around.  I think it's because I imagine her thinking that she wants to be more comfortable in a different position and it gives her a little personality.
  2. We took a birthing class Saturday at the hospital we are delivering at and had a blast.  I will post about it later.  But, I cannot imagine going into this birth having not taken it!  Also enrolled in their breastfeeding class and realized-uh-we have a lot of preparing to do in the next few weeks!
  3. I had an OB appointment and I have gained 25 pounds!  I almost died.  She said I was doing great and right on track, keep doing what I'm doing.  What?  Weird to hear that for sure!  As long as we both are healthy, I don't care.  I can work on it later =).  Everything is measuring right on track!  I go back at 28 weeks for my glucose test, RhoGAM shot (lucky me!), and another prenatal appointment.  We have officially graduated to appointments every 2 weeks.  I can't believe how blessed we are to be here.
  4. We had our 3d ultrasound after our prenatal appointment and it was so amazing.  It was more stressful than I had anticipated for sure.  Our little Lady was facing my back and snuggling in to take a nap, so it took some coaxing to get  her to turn for a picture.  So, our ultrasound was an hour of the tech trying to get her to flip and me worrying that we had wasted our $180.  We got some great video in 2d of her "breathing", her heart beating, and her just kicking away.  Here are some of the pictures we got- she has my nose for sure!  Going to be a beauty, cannot wait to kiss her!


 Absolutely adore her.  It is hard to believe this is real.  Feeling so lucky to be this girl's Momma.


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