Tuesday, July 9, 2013

25 Weeks

How far along:  25 weeks, 6 Days (ya, squeeze this in before I switch over weeks!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I don’t even want to know.  I have an OB appointment Thursday, so I guess we will see then.  I feel like I have been eating pretty healthy, except for the occasional treat-but nothing out of the ordinary.  I eat a ton of fruit!  But, I am obviously growing a child in there, so it is hard to guess.

Maternity Clothes:  We have reached a whole new stage on this one.  Clothes that fit my bump before are starting to-well-not fit!  I always thought I would be the kind pregnant lady that always dressed so cute and wore cute maternity clothes.  And, while I think it is so fun to dress up the bump (I love it!), I hate spending money on maternity clothes.  I don’t mind if it’s something I can wear with leggings post baby (and I mean after that weird still-pregnant-looking stage), but I would so much rather buy the baby things with that cash.  I was going through my closet the other day and was looking at my pre-pregnancy summer clothes and thought, “I fit in this at one point in my life??”  Crazy.

Emotions:  Um, yeah I threw a fit the other night and literally ran away from Daniel in the living room and threw myself on the bed and cried.. because Daniel wasn’t hanging something right in the nursery.  What. The. Heck.  He was so sweet, too (God, I love him!).  He came in and asked-in the most tender voice ever-what was wrong that day because I wasn’t being myself.  We solved the issue.  Emotions back to normal.

Stretch Marks:  I have two tiny ones by my belly button!  I don’t mind- not like I ever showed my belly anyway!  Daniel doesn’t see them, but I think I do.  I have been pretty meticulous about the cocoa butter, so I have only had one instance of itching and it went away as soon as I used my belly butter.

Sleep:  Yuck.  I regained a lot of energy once I hit Tri 2, but it’s starting to fade again.  I try and get a nap in when I can, but I have been nesting so hard that it rarely happens.  I flip flop a lot during the night and of course have to pee a lot, so I feel like the Lord is preparing me for the sleep pattern I will have when the baby comes (love every bit of this!).  And, I don’t want to wake up Daniel so I don’t flush until morning.  Is that sick or what?  I have clogged the toilet once or twice because of it… and have sadly gotten out of the habit of flushing all the time now.  I disgust myself.  Really, how my husband loves me is a mystery to me!

Best moment of the week: Finishing her crib bedding. It makes everything so real-I can just imagine her in there, sleeping in her jammies.  We have made a lot of progress on the nursery over the last week or so, and it makes me so excited.  I want to spend time in that room.  I want to make memories in that room.  I want to use that room!  It makes me so happy to be in there, from the amount of sunlight it gets to the colors and décor.  I love it!  We still have a lot to do.  I will blog about the nursery more… soon.

Movement:  Wow!  Lots.  My OB visits are off because of our vacation in May and by the time I see them Thursday it will have been 6 weeks, so I need to ask about kick counts.  But, I freaked out a few weeks ago because I totally forgot I was pregnant (which actually happens ALL the time.  I wake up and feel my belly to make sure I still am!) and threw myself onto my bed, belly first.  Um, not okay.  I cried for a little bit and told Daniel that I crushed her.  I knew it.  I had crushed her and killed her.  She was moving the next couple of days, but it just felt “deeper” if that makes sense, like not right under my skin like before.  So, of course, they didn’t feel as hard.  But, sure enough, 4 or 5 days later it went back to normal.  We have noticed more patterns in her movement, like moving when she hears music, or her Daddy, or when I am moving- she almost immediately flips over if I lay on my back.  We can see it from the outside of my belly, which is so fun!  She wakes me up kicking and, one night, I didn’t get any sleep from 3 am on because she woke me up and was kicking that hard until morning.  Thanks, girl.  I was so tired that day, but it was the best feeling in the world.  Just knowing I get to have this baby, that she is part of me and part of the person I love most in this world, and that she is all ours brings tears to my eyes!  I enjoy pregnancy so much more than I ever could have imagined-and I imagined I would love it.

Food Cravings:  I really wanted some spicy hummus this week.  It’s so yummy.  We sweet sis-in-law and I had some awesome middle eastern food at the farmers market downtown the other weekend and had the. Best. Hummus ever… so I think that’s what did me in. I crave cheese a lot.  And I eat it. 

Gender:  Girl.  Yippee!

Labor Signs:  I don’t think so.  It is definitely hard to decipher what twinges are having not been this pregnant before.  I don’t know what it’s like to not have trouble conceiving a baby, or not to lose a baby before having a relatively successful pregnancy so far-I just know what has happened to us, and both of those things did.  So, for us, that means little things that are “ok” during this point in pregnancy just cause us anxiety that something will happen, and we don’t enjoy them!  Just trying to keep her cookin’ for a few more months and nesting in the meantime =)

Belly button: In, but it’s coming out!  SO weird.  And my stupid piercing scar is just disgusting.  Thank you 14-year-old-self.

What I miss:  Subs, still.  I am sorry, but I love hoagies.  Otherwise, I miss nothing.  I am looking forward to getting my normal body back (as much as I can), but I know I will miss feeling her kick in my belly, and I don’t want to rush any point of my pregnancy.  I can’t wait to meet my girl, but I love every bit of where she is now =)


  1. eat a sub. Seriously. I eat lunch meat pretty much every day- lol. And I would recommend just buying basic maternity clothes. I LOVE that I have pieces that has lasted through two pregnancies cause they aren't too trendy or anything. And I DID NOT want to wear pregnancy stuff when I wasn't preggo. I felt like I still looked preggo in them- cause I remembered being preggo in them. It was kinda weird. U look great and I can't wait to see the nursery pics!

    1. Ha! I give in and eat lunch meat every once in a while, try to keep it to once a week or so. Daniel is so protective of us! I agree- I have been trying to just buy basic maternity stuff and accessorize or throw on a scarf to bling it up. You always look so cute in your maternity clothes! I have always liked oversized stuff with leggings, so I have some things that are "normal" that are still fitting. Or, I just wear leggings with a maternity tank and a pre-preg cardigan. Whatever! As long as I am clothed at this point! Still working on the nursery... it is coming along! Daniel still has a bookshelf to build, so it might be a while!

  2. I really missed lunchmeat as well. My OB said if I microwaved it for a couple seconds it should be fine. Hope this helps! I'm enjoying following your journey. It's fun to remember my first pregnancy with you. Best wishes!


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