Tuesday, August 13, 2013

30 Weeks!

I know 30 Weeks isn't any special milestone, but in my mind, I feel like a big deal.  Maybe it's that when you say you are 20-something weeks, people always say "Oh, you've got a while!".  But when you whip out the big 3-0 or more, it's like you are legit pregnant.  That makes no sense now that I see it in writing.  Whatevs.

We haven't had any huge changes this week.  I have felt better this week than last, although I am definitely "working the waddle" as Daniel says it.  We ate super clean diets this past week (well, I am sure it could not be technically defined as "clean" the entire time (church picnic hot dog, not so much), but we ate mostly oatmeal, chicken and veggies!), so I think that has a lot to do with me feeling better than when we were on vacation and pigging out.  The biggest change this week is my appetite.  I just cannot eat a full meal to save my life.  My mom always warned this would happen, that baby would get so big there wouldn't be much room for my stomach and I'd get full fast.  I just didn't think it would feel like this!  I feel like eating small, more frequent meals lets me move around a bit better though, so I'm happy with that.

We had our 30 week OB appointment and everything was perfect- fundal height right at 30 weeks and baby's heartbeat was 143.  My blood pressure was great and I didn't gain any weight.  Woohoo!  I know I shouldn't be concerned with that, and I really don't care, but it was nice to know everything (including ME) was perfectly healthy.  Plus, from this point on, my mom would lose half a pound per week until she delivered, so I think I am fine.

Exciting things this week- we had a baby shower from our amazing church and extended family on Daniel's side.  We were SO blessed.  We are blessed anyway by these amazing people- just their fellowship is a tremendous gift.  We love them so much.  "Church family" is not just a term we use- a lot of times it really feels like we are family.  Love it.  We got a lot of adorable clothes and tons of essentials that we desperately needed!  So thankful.

We live in Kansas City and last Friday night there was a Royals and Chiefs game on TV.  Usually I do everything I need to do during the day while Daniel is at work so that my evenings are free for us to have pure one on one time.  I know it won't be like this for very much longer, but we have always done that so that the evenings can be for us.  But, with two games on, I think it was safe to say I could vacate to the basement and sew.  I was able to finish Little Miss' coming home outfit! 

Prettttty much in love with it.  I adapted a vintage reprinted Simplicity pattern and used an online tutorial for the diaper cover (well, I added the ruffles of course!).  Love that bonnet.  Can't wait to get that thing on her cute little head.  Yes, it will be October (Lord willing), but we'll wrap her up good in a blanket (plus, have you been to the Midwest?  It could be snowing, it could be 75).  I think I am going to do some posts on what I have made for this girl once it's all done with links to the tutorials I used.  Some of the things are pretty self explanatory, other things I looked up.

Tomorrow I'll be 31 weeks and we are off to St. Louis to see my side of the family.  It's been too long and I am so excited to see them (plus, we are eating lots of food from my childhood.  Hello Dairy Haven orange swirl cones and Dandy Inn)!!


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