Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More CoCo Chanel than Coq au Vin

5-Day Thanksgiving vacation started today- ahh, the work hours of a teacher.  =)

We are closing on our first house next week, so Daniel and I are in the process of packing.  He had to work today (but is off for the rest of the weekend!), so I had the task of starting the process: reserving a moving van, putting new utilities in our name, packing, and all the other things that come with moving.  I have to say, I love moving.  You'd think I'd be sick of it considering how many times I've had to (let's see- this will be number.. 10!), but i enjoy it.  New things are so exciting!

I rented Sex and the City 2 (which I saw in theaters with my sis) and Eat, Pray, Love.  Packed while watching and listening to the first- laughed hysterically- and took a nap during the second.  Completely disappointed.  Anyway, for the most part, had a great day and decided to break up packing with some baking.
Abu Dhabi Do!

I am obsessed with scones- especially chocolate chip ones!  I will unfortunately be noshing on them throughout the next few days- they are so so good!  Go to my recipe page to find the recipe!


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