Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kiwi Kraze

HyVee had Kiwis on sale this week for $.25 each.  Daniel and I LOVE kiwi, so I bought a bunch.  A few weeks ago during "Kansas School Lunch Week" (what?), our cafeteria had kiwi that was quartered, skin still intact.  To my disgust and disappointment, most of the kiddos took them but threw them away without trying them.  I hate wasting food, especially fresh fruits and veggies.
One of my sewing students was eating hers (which made me super happy!) and I went to sit and chat with her (I monitor lunch for 2 periods).  I asked her if she liked them and she popped one in her mouth with the skin still on.
I said, "Uh, you do know you're supposed to peel that off, right?"  She told me her mom makes her eat the skin because of the extra nutrients.  Hmmmmm.. skeptical.  I ate lunch a few minutes later and secretly tried it.  SO GOOD!  I hate peeling kiwi because they get slimy and I peel away half of the flesh when I'm in a hurry.  Now, no more!  I looked into it, and one site said that eating the skin triples your fiber intake.  I'm sure it's rich in fiber, but don't quote me on that number.  Anyway, try it!

Daniel and I ran some errands today and stopped by Hobby Lobby and Mardels.  We are starting a new devotional together- Experiencing the Words of Jesus: Trusting His Voice, Hearing His Heart by Max Lucado and are super excited.  I'll let you know how it goes!

I've decided to branch out from my typical neutral color scheme and add green accents to our room.  I planned on sewing some pillows today, but that didn't happen.  Hobby Lobby did provide me with some cute flowers, though!

 I love magnolias!  Daniel's mom gave me this cute hanging vase for my birthday a few years ago.  The glass had gotten lost in our {several} moves, but I found it recently.  Yes!  Eventually I'd like to have 2 or 3 tiered candle holders on the right of the dresser, but I have to find ones I like first =)

This week I also found a blog with a tutorial for a super cute picture frame turned earring holder.  I forgot to bookmark it, so of course I can't find it now.  Oh well!  Here's what I did and what you need:

  • Picture Frame (glass not needed)
  • Burlap, enough to cover the area of the frame
  • Tape
  • Earrings

Here is my hot mess of a jewelry Box:
GOBS of clearance jewelry from Charming Charlie's in Lees Summit.  $1!

 Needed to organize that mess!  Here is the frame I used BEFORE.  This used to me in my room in high school, was then in my little sister's apartment when she was at KU, then came back to me.  Still has some old boyfriend pics of hers!  Woops!

I am usually pretty exclusive to Joann's because of their teacher discount and coupons, but like I said, we were already at Hobby Lobby.  
1/2 Yard of Burlap at $3.99 per yard means this project cost me $2!
Turn the frame over, take out the glass, and lay burlap inside.  I have seen tutorials where you can glue the burlap in place now, but I didn't have anywhere else to put the glass, sooo I put it back in the frame on top of the burlap and pulled it tight.  I also did not glue.

Place everything else back on top of the glass and close the frame in the back.  I trimmed the burlap and then taped it down (ghetto fab!) so it would lay flat against the wall.
Why you so obsessed with me?  He NEVER leaves me alone when I do my projects!

Now, hang on the wall and add earrings!

I must have a runaway earring missing somewhere.  Bummer!

 That's my Saturday stunt!  Hopefully, pillows tomorrow.  =)


  1. Somehow I missed this... What a neat idea! :)

  2. How beautiful & USEFUL! I need this...seriously!


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