Monday, February 21, 2011

My First Tutorial

I wrote yesterday about how much I LOVE online sewing tutorials- so here is the product of my first!
Daniel and I aren't quite ready for our own babies yet (soon, though!), so I tend to live vicariously through my friends who are having theirs... by sewing them things.

A friend of mine from college who was in my freshman bible study just had her beautiful baby girl and I thought, AWE I should make her something. SO here it is:

Binkie Clips!  I love them!  They were SO SO SO easy to make and cheap, too.

Fabric:  $.50 (for all three!)
Thread:  Already had it
Ribbon:  $1.25
Clip:  $1.25 each (they are mitten clips and I'm sure you can find them even cheaper online- that's not even with a JoAnn's coupon)
Total:   $5.50 for all three

To see the tutorial I used, click here!

They were folded in a mailing envelope- they DO lay flat, I promise!

LOVED this onesie!  Did NOT make it- Target!

Ribbon on the back.

The only thing I changed about the tutorial is that I didn't just fold over the strap through the clip and sew it down, trusting that the fray check would hold up.  I thought it looked unfinished, so I folded the end over several times and then sewed it down.  Once you read the tutorial, I think you'll understand.

Enjoy Tara and Baby Claira!


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