Wednesday, May 11, 2011

End of the "Year" Fun

This post is a jumble of randomness- I apologize now!

I have been collecting a few "loves" that I am... well.. in love with!  Here's the lineup:
  1. New blogs.  Loves them!
  2. Baby items... again.  I know! I'm nuts.
  3. New decor, thanks to Grandma
  4. Dirty fabric... and I don't mean "dirt" dirty!
1.  First of all, I found this bloggie that I a-door.  Ha.  
 1.  She has the cutest kids ever.
2.  She's a sew-er.
3.  She has tutorials or tells you exactly what pattern she used.  Her stuff is adorable!!

She made her daughter's Halloween Costume out of what she already wore- she was a baby aerobics instructor, complete with a "leotard" (onesie), leggings, and leg warmers!  SOOOO cute!  She made this cute cute cute boom box to go with it.  I'm in love.

And to make everything even cuter, her daughter's name is Ruby.  Precious!

I'm planning on making these fabric baskets in the near future when... oh, that's right.... I get a 2.5 month vacation from school!  {The joke around town while in the professional semesters of teaching at K State is that if we had chosen to be teachers because of the summers off, we were crazy.  While that is certainly not why I became a teacher, the gig ain't half bad... and I get paid to play all summer.  sweeeeeeet!}
Oh, right... fabric baskets.  I love them!  But where could I put them?

I love the silver fabric.
And, lastly, she linked to a tutorial for a skirt that is sooooo me:

She used the Party Skirt Tutorial from Creative Spaces.  Actually, I have a white linen skirt that is identical to this that I bought at The Limited... for $10 on clearance.  Don't you just love bows?  I sure do =)  I will for sure be sewing this puppy.

I love finding fun blogs... if only I would remember to bookmark them!  I constantly think, "ohhh.. I want to do this... and I saw it on this blog.. but I don't remember what it was called!"  Bam.  Lost forever... impossible to find.  Anyway, I found Jill's yesterday and I think it is fantastic.

2.  I'm working on baby items again (annnnnd no baby- there is something wrong with this picture!) because they are fast, adorable, and I can live vicariously through friends' babies.  I will post a tutorial in the next few days. 

I cannnnnot get enough of this bib.  SO cute! 

A huge flower baby headband?  Puuuuulease!  Precious doesn't even begin to describe this!

3.  New decor is the best- so refreshing!  My grandma moved out of her house and into a smaller {read: gorgeous!} place and didn't need a lot of things from her house, so she asked if we would like them.  Ummm, LOVE!  It's like having part of her there, too.  Here's what I did:

This is right when you walk up the stairs.  The table is what she had- from Hob Lob originally!
I added:

Vase:  $1 at a church rummage sale
Candle Holders (freaking love!):  Clearance at Hob Lob, $13 for both!
Cross:  Hob lob on clearance for $2
Candles:  Sale, Hob Lob, $3.50 for both
Flowers:  Hob Lob, $10 for all 3

The mirror I had bought on clearance over a year ago at Hob Lob for $20.  Originally $79.99!

I just loooove it! Eventually we are putting up chair rail here (as well as along the stairs and hallway) and painting white below with boxes.. You'll understand when you see it.

4. Dirty fabric! Story follows:

Personal favorite on right!

This Queen of Hearts has nothing on but panties!
Story:  I was a mean teacher and made my kids clean out our extra scrap fabric bins, organize them by color, and fold. every. piece (bad decisions were made last week.  That's okay... we'll deal with consequences and move on!).  I kept hearing (in an o-so-innocent voice), "Mrs. Gibson, what is this?"  
Someone in years past either donated this fabric or it was extra left over from their projects.  I mean, wow!  The heart one is my all time favorite.  I took it to the teacher's lounge and we had a hoot.  I have a request to sew hot pads from them!!  This part is even funnier:  I was throwing them away and one of my 7th grade boys said, "Mrs. Gibson, I'll take those off your hands for ya!"

13 year old boys.....  Hmmmmm.... let's just say I promptly declined his offer!  Hahaha.  Oh, teaching.  Makes my world go round!


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