Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Wish Engineers Got the Summer Off, too.

Welp, it's finally here- the first week of summer, the first summer I've had off since I was 16.  I know, I know, the majority of people in this world work year round for years on end without a break... and I get extended amounts of time off throughout the year and an entire summer off.  But I have been looking forward to this day for a very. long. time.

I've so many ambitions I want to accomplish by the end of the summer and I am sure I won't get everything done.  However, if my summer goes anything like my last week went, I will be getting a ton done!

Oscar and I have been going for 3-mile walks in the mornings throughout the neighborhood (nay, town.  It's puny!) when it's pretty outside.  I finally have the time to exercise regularly, but sometimes I just can't stand getting on the elliptical in the basement when it is so beautiful outside (and my rose bushes are blooming!).  Considering we are getting plummeted with rain and tornadoes weekly in this neck of the woods, ya never know when pretty weather will be around again.  How a 3-pound doggie can walk that long and keep up is beyond me.  He was so tired after our walk last Thursday that he slept all day and laid on the couch to watch me sew. 

I think he liked the feel of the silky fabric on his paws.  He would not get up!
I know, I teach and sew for a living and on my first day off.... I sew.  It's none other than my favorite activity!  A friend of a friend from college wanted me to make her some binkie clips and bibs for her soon-to-be baby boy, so I sewed 10 clips and 4 bibs.  Craziness.  They are adorable, though, and I am so happy with the way they turned out.

I made lots of different boy and girl items- I LOVE this fabric!
I took a break to cut the grass for the hubs because he has 15 bridge bids due in the next week and I wanted him to be able to relax when he got home.  First time cutting my lawn, only second time ever!  I discovered mowing lines are just as gratifying as vacuum lines.
Do you see this travesty of a yard in the corner?  We planted these bushes but haven't had time to mulch and do a brick border.  We are so trash right here.

I cleaned up and.. tada sewing again!  I gave a Goodwill blouse a makeover, so here is what I did:
 Here is the before picture- it was cute the way it was, but the sleeves did not fit my arms.  Weird!  Plus, I wanted a flowy tank that everyone is wearing now.  SO, I turned it inside out...
 ...and ripped out the sleeve seams.  Now that it looked the way I wanted it, I needed to finish the edges.
Rolled Hem!  While inside out, turn to the wrong side once (only like 1/8 in), then again.
Stitch on the edge and.....
Love it, and it only cost me $3!  I am so into yellow right now.  I tried to make some bias tape out of the sleeves I cut off, but there wasn't enough fabric.  Oh darn.. =D  A rolled hem will do just fine!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with our family (I swear, we can never get enough family time!  How blessed are we?) and found out my husband's sister and her husband are going to be having a baby around the end of the year.  Woooo hooooo!  So excited- this means I can sew baby stuff for my soon to be nephew or niece.  It is so hard to believe our family is growing again.  There is already 9 of us- we are going to have to start planning Saturday night dinners at the park!
Tomorrow through Friday I have a conference for school, which is a good thing because 1.  I miss my teacher friends and 2. I miss my husband.  I wish engineers got the summer off, too.  But, they don't, and in order for me not to miss him too much, I must project!

I will be updating my basement makeover and Goodwill finds soon ($5 Gap dress anyone?!  =D)


  1. You are so talented, girl! :)

  2. Jenni, why don't you have a baby yet?!!?!?! So excited for you- can't wait until she comes!


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