Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching Up

Yikes, it's been a while.  We need to catch up!  The last few weeks I have had no excuse-I have been nesting pretty hard!  The nursery is coming along well, though.  I debated on whether to post some update pictures, but I think I'm going to wait a while and do a reveal. 

So, it's a girl.  Hurray!  I was pretty shocked that it wasn't a boy.  I really thought I wanted a boy.  And, someday, I do.  I would take a gaggle of them.  Have you met my husband?  If I could have a son just like him, I'd just cry.  All day, every day, of pure joy.  I adore him.  But, knowing I am going to have a wee little girl is just one of the best feelings in the world.  I love my momma.  I hope this little girl loves me like I love my mom!

We went on vaca to Europe with my family at the end of May.  Super fun, loved every minute.  I had been to all of the places we visited (Poland and Czech Republic), but it's been a while and it was so great to see it again with my husband (architecture nerd=in heaven!).  We ate lots of yummy food and saw old stuff, slept in and took naps.  Can't complain!  It was a great vacation!

I haven't done bump updates since I was 19 Weeks!  Yikes!  I was passed out most of week 21 from jet lag, so, sorry!  Here is the recap:
20 Weeks, Warsaw Poland

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks!
Things are going great!  I feel fantastic.  Cannot wait for this girl to get here.
Deets from the last month:
  • She kicks EVERYWHERE, all the time!  I think some of it has to be punches.  It's anywhere from about an inch above my belly button down to my pelvis.  I can definitely tell when she is awake and when she sleeps, when she has "tired" days and her kicks aren't as hard, and when she is a crazy girl and squirming all over the place.  I love to especially feel her roll over.  I don't know why, but I just love it.  If I lay on my back, she usually immediately rolls over.  It's so darn cute!  
  • She (I think) responds to sounds.  She kicks when I talk, when Daniel talks, and when I am sewing.
  • Peeing has pretty much started to be an issue.. and I know, I know, it will get worse.  Mommies always give me that look like, "Oh, so sorry, just wait.  It will get worse" as if it were a bad thing.  I'm sure puddling in the grocery store totally sucks and I have yet to do it, but for now, getting up 6 times a night to pee and having accidents when I sneeze just puts a huge smile on my face.  I am just so thankful for all of the things I get to experience-even just physically-related to pregnancy.  The biggest change I have noticed is that I will be fine, no need to pee, and then all of the sudden- hello- there is going to be an accident if I don't go NOW.  That started week 23.
  • So, I had my belly button pierced when I was 14.  I know, it was dumb.  I don't even like my stomach, so I don't know why I got it in the first place.  Anyway, it ripped out a few months later at volleyball camp while we were doing sprawls.  I've always had a fleshy colored scar, and now it is HUGE.  I feel like one of those balloons that is printed on- you know, when they are deflated, the print is super small and you can't see it, and then blow it up and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Oh well.  I don't mind it.
  • I have a very faint linea negra from my chest down to my navel.  I am pretty pale, but it's very faint and usually pink.
  • No real food aversions or cravings.  We are pretty obsessed with fruit, and since I have pretty bad heartburn all of the time, I can only drink water (which is a good thing, I know).  Sometimes I am flat sick of water, so I have started having a glass of ice tea once a day.
That's all I got!  All caught up.


  1. i wet my pants so bad during the dart scene from Old School when I was pregnant. good memories :)


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