Thursday, June 20, 2013

SaSa Blue Design Headbands

Remember Laurisa from this post?
She has the most adorable Etsy Shop-SaSa Blue Design-where she sells super cute headbands.  She sent me one to review and, I have to tell ya, I'm pretty obsessed!

Laurisa is 30-something weeks pregnant with kiddo #2 and she makes 'em seriously cute.  Her and her hubby are working to live debt-free (we both do Dave Ramsey's plan- you need to do this!) and her Etsy shop is one way to do that.
The bands are affordable, not due to low quality, but because she is a mama on a budget and-hey-we all like when we can afford cute things.  And, she gets that. She uses mostly recycled materials- but occasionally will by a cut by the yard, so they are are limited in quantity and unique.  Love that!

Laurisa sent me the Ruffle Mama Band.  It retails for only $8 with $2.80 shipping.  Crazy!  It has just enough stretch to fit my head (and clear my face so I don't smudge makeup!), but it's tight enough to hold down my fine hair and stay put.  This is super important to me- I absolutely cannot wear normal stretch headbands because they pop right off my head.  Maybe my head is shaped funny?  Dunno.  And, believe me-this girl knows how to sew knits.  Me?  Not so much.  Scares me to death.  But she gets it!

Laurisa sells newborn beanies, the Ruffle Mama, the Flower Mama, and my personal fav, the Knot Mama.  How cute is this?

Buy these bands here.
Hurry!  This girl is going to pop with child and have even more limited time!


  1. So I just sold some headbands tonight- and I thought to myself "I bet katie did a review today" sure enough! Hope you are doing well!! I LOOOOOVVVVEEE the fabrics you chose for baby girl's bedding. Have you been to home fabric? It is behind elephant bar on 119 & metcalf. Anyway- they have TONS of home decor fabrics for pretty good prices. All their sale stuff is $2/yard right now- and its home decor weight! check them out.

    1. YAY! I was praying that would happen! Thanks! I knew I wanted grey and taupe- I just cant stray from them- but i wasn't sure about the pink.. and then I realized I like the blush.. and then couldn't find a fabric I liked! It wasn't so cheap, but I like it. It ended up being more light pink than blush, but we will survive. I have been there! I LOVE that place!!! That is the only thing about not working over there anymore. I have no excuse to drive to OP. I need to raid Goodwill, though. A trip might be in order!


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