Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Laurisa

Laurisa writes at The Land of La.
She is hilarious, super duper sweet, and an ultra-talented Momma, wife, crafter, and nurse.
Really, you need to check her out, back-stalk her, and read all of her funny tales.
She is going to do some 'splanin about why we know each other, so read on. 
One thing (among many, many other things) that I've learned from Laurisa is to be bold.  When you read her blog, the first thing you will notice is how bold she is about her life and her relationship with Christ- and her strong assurance in His promises.  I've also learned that if you don't make the effort to get to know someone, you will never know what great things you have in common with them.  Had I not been a dumb freshman in college and actually talked to my RA (who was Laurisa), we could have started this friendship long ago and stayed up late crafting.  Dang it!  =)  You live and you learn, I guess!
When you are done, blog stalk her and become a follower!  Later in the week I will be guest writing on her blog- and featuring a give away.  Enjoy!

Hi I’m Laurisa! 

I write over at The Land of La. I know Katie from Facebook. Well to be more realistic I was her RA in Ford Hall when she was a freshman at KSU. But I think I talked to her about 3 times.  (Don’t judge- I was an okay RA…just some girls came to programs and some didn’t cough cough Katie ) But really we were Facebook friends because that is what you do when you barely know people- become “friends” on FB. Anyway, I am so glad we did become FB friends because I have kept up with her over the years. She is just the sweetest gal and has an AWESOME blog right?!?! I have learned so much from her. I too am a crafty mc-crafterson and in my opinion Katie’s Tutorials are better than Pintrest!
Really we are friends because we both love Jesus and that forms instant friendships-even over the Internet.
Generally I write about this little pumpkin…

Cute pic right?!?! Well truth is we almost dislocated her kneecap to fit her in that darn pumpkin. She cried for the first minute and just as I was getting ready to take her out because guilt was setting in that I am a TERRIBLE mother just wanting to get a cute photo she started hamming it up. Also I may or may not have found  a good amount of  pumpkin on her bum later that night because she had to be naked to fit in the pumpkin. It’s good for her bum right?

I also do mean things like this instead of comforting her when she cries. (The kid is extremely sweet natured and we have heard her cry only a handful of times it is just sooo cute so I mean I have to capture the memory!)

And then who can resist a sweet pic like this. I could kiss those cheeks every second of every day. Or maybe somedays I forget to change out of my pj’s and don’t brush my teeth till 3pm-yeah funky.  Because I am too busy kissing those cheeks. (Too much hygiene info for the first blog?- ahh well can’t win them all!) For more reality come check out my blog. I just try to live life out loud. The triumphs, the tragedies and the funny stuff along the way. 

Oh geez. I didn’t even mention my wonderful hubby. His name is Daniel too (another thing Katie and I have in common) Dan really. He thinks I am mad if I call him Daniel. He’s great. Knows how to make this mama feel loved. Might be the most selfless person I have ever met and did THIS for me last valentines day- UMMM yeah-get cuter! 

That’s all for now.


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