Thursday, September 12, 2013

33 and 34 Weeks

Why am I so bad at updates?  You'd think I'd have the time to do them, but somehow it just escapes me.  Anyway, I feel like Little Miss has definitely gotten bigger in the last weeks for sure.  I can feel more pressure in my nether regions at different points throughout the day and I am pretty sure there was a night during 34 weeks that I thought my vagine (yes, that's va-jean) was breaking in half (and I thought really?  Get ready for childbirth, honey).  Pretty sure my bones were just readjusting to, oh, a head down there, but it scared me for a minute!

We are considered "high risk" because we conceived on fertility meds because of infertility and miscarried.  Which, in reality means little besides getting lots of extra scans and monitoring, starting our weekly appointments a few weeks early and getting my cervix checked a little earlier.  I went in for my 34 week appointment and saw someone I had not met before (although she was nice!) and she said my fundal height was measuring small (HOW?!).  She said it felt like Baby Woman was laying diagonal and that was probably it, but wanted to order an ultrasound just to see what she was doing in there.  But, of course that wasn't the same day and I had to make an appointment for the next week.
Hello, PANIC.
Her heartbeat was great, I am healthy, she is super active despite Momma being convinced there is no more room for her to move, so part of me wasn't too worried.  Besides, my husband is the best.  He knows just what to say to calm me down and love on me in just the perfect ways (even if he is freaking out on in the inside!).  But, he went to work after our appointment and guess who was left at home with all access to Google?  Bad, bad decision.  Don't ever do that!  I was fully convinced I would be diagnosed with IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) and that we'd be having this baby by emergency C Section in the next week.  I called to see if we could have our ultrasound any earlier and the fit us in the next morning.

The picture totally stinks, but that's okay.  She is perfect!  Everything was measuring right on track, if not a little ahead.  Her head was measuring at 37-38 weeks (at 34 weeks) and her tummy was measuring her to weigh 5 lbs 11 oz!  The tech said it can be off by a pound either way, but that since her head was measuring proportionally to her belly, it was probably pretty accurate.  I don't know how I am carrying a 6 pound human in here!  I'm not sure why, but I always imagine her as this little 2 or 3 pound little girl, swimming away in there.  Fully expecting to have a 8 lb+ baby here, which I am loving!

The location and strength of her kicks have changed since she has, well, gotten huge.  I always heard people in movies and real life talking about mamas getting kicked in the ribs and I just hadn't felt that.  It was kind of like hiccups-I didn't know if I had felt her having them and I worried a little, until I felt them and then I knew.  I don't feel it all too often, but she definitely has had her legs up in there a few times.  I was doing dishes the other day (and she does this every time I sew) and her foot came out so far on my left side that I could see it!  I was in awe.  I always thought I would get used to her kicks, but every one is just something I truly treasure.  I am going to miss them!  She has kicked me a few times in the ribs, but I think she likes being all snuggled and squished.  During our ultrasound (actually, the last 2!) she had her butt in the air (which we can always feel under my right boob) and her little legs tucked tightly underneath.

I think my hormones are pretty much raging at the moment because I have been super emotional.  I don't think they have been too bad during my pregnancy (I don't typically get that way when I start, either), but lately I am crying about everything!  I cried on Labor Day because Daniel wanted to stay home while I went grocery shopping.  I saw all of these couples together in the stores and I got so upset that I bawled in Walmart and the entire way home.  Um, okay.  And then the other weekend we were at a Bible Quiz meet and I asked Daniel if he was planning on us coaching until our girl could quiz (which he said Yes to) and I started crying at the quiz meet.  Cool.  I never really imagine her being that big because I don't want to miss out and wish away the time she is in, but just imagining her being there made me cry I guess.  Oh, and I cried watching Mama June marry Sugar Bear on the Honey Boo Boo finale last night.  Something clearly is abrewing.

I also realized this last week that I am petrified of giving birth, so there is that.

Trying to get everything ready as we wind down the pregnancy (so sad! But, excited of course).  Just a few more nursery projects, some sewing, shampooing carpets and car, and packing bags/finishing the birth plan.  Can't wait for this girl.


  1. I read your crying/hormone paragraph to Micah and he said, "Oh my gosh, you're gonna be a disaster." Ummmm, thanks honey? ha!

    Congratulations - I love reading your bumpdates!!! :)


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