Monday, September 16, 2013

35 Weeks

I can't believe it- our due date is ONE MONTH away from today.
One Month!!
I always envied mamas that were at this point, never thinking I would actually ever be here.  Now that we are, there are so many different things running through my head.  Looking back, looking forward.  I adore being pregnant and am sad it's coming to an end, but at the same time, I want my girl in my arms.  I want to snuggle her and see the cute button nose she has from me and the big grin she has from her Daddy (thank you, 3d ultrasound!  Best investment ever).  I want to wake up in the middle of the night to nurse, knowing it's just the two of us awake and cherishing the time because I won't get midnight snuggles for very long.  I want to hear her Daddy sing his favorite hymns to her and tell her how much he loves her.
This week has been pretty good- I can't seem to get full though!  When my Tylenol PM wears off at 4am, I wake up starving and sneak to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.  The pack 'n play we are going to have her sleep in for the first however-many-months sits next to my side of the bed, and I lie awake in the middle of the night imagining her sleeping there.  I can just see her little legs kicking in her jammies as she starts to wake up starving, too.
I finished my list of baby sewing and it feels so great!  I love to sew, and enjoyed having a list to work through.  My preggo brain has been so forgetful that lists are a necessity!  I will post soon about what I've made and links to tutorials used (if I used one).  I find myself searching for more things to sew because I have the time and love feeling her kick when she hears my machine.  The only things we have left to make are some decorations for the nursery.  I'll post a tour when we finish.
I had to get my Tdap shot this week, so that was fun.  I mean, really.  Ha.  My mom is a nurse and I remember loving everything about nurses and hospitals and medical stuff ever since we were old enough to go up and visit her at work with my Dad.  If I hadn't been a teacher, I would have been a nurse.  So, needless to say, I absolutely love going to the OB every single week now and having to get things done.  I am so looking forward to being in the hospital to have the baby and plan on staying as long as my insurance will allow.  I am a freak!
We started shampooing carpets this week (hallelujah!) and have a few rooms left.  I am loving how clean they look and how clean the house smells.  As soon as we finish the basement and my car this week, we can install the car seat and have it inspected. We also finished the birth plan and need to finish packing the bag for the hospital.  My stuff is pretty much ready to go, but Daddy needs some things in the bag (we only live 11 minutes away from the hospital, so I guess he can run home but I guarantee he won't want to leave his girls for a second!).
Physically, I still feel great.  I have had more Braxton Hicks this week than any other week.  Several a day!  At first they scared me, but I know work needs to be done to get things ready.  Heartburn is getting worse, and it shows up every day at 4:30 on the dot as opposed to after certain foods like it did before.  So weird!  Daniel says I waddle now, and that I'm pretty slow getting around.  I told him I hadn't noticed because "I'm with myself all of the time".  Ya, that came out of my mouth.  I don't feel like those things are true because I feel so good, but I am sure they are.  Bump pictures and ultrasounds are all printed (up until now!) and in the albums, but Little Miss' baby book needs some work.

The crying is still ongoing-I had a small meltdown over the weekend because I didn't think Daniel was cleaning the garage right (I know at the time, I felt completely rational, but it's days later that I just want to die laughing!  Who cares! It's a GARAGE!  It looks beautiful though.  Daddies nest, too!).  Our Bible Quiz team is  doing so so wonderful and I am so proud of them.  They know so much!  I can't wait to teach God's Word to our daughter.  Just thinking about that after our practice Sunday night made my cry.. again!

I love the band Watermark and they have the sweetest song ever about their daughter.  We DEFINITELY are not naming our daughter Elliana (no offense, anyone), but it's just so sweet that I bawl every time I hear it.  I found it when I miscarried and never thought I'd ever get to mother a daughter-and here we are.  Could not be more grateful. So excited for the day when we can hear our own little girl giggle like that!

One more day at 35 weeks.  See you at 36!


  1. Katie! I just saw this post and I'm so glad that you put this song on. We finally got pregnant through fertility treatments after four years and I'm actually due in January with a little girl and we are naming her Elleanna because we fell in love with the name after we found out it's meaning (God has answered). It really is such a beautiful song and brought tears to my eyes too! :) I'm so happy for you two and wish you the best! So grateful that I met you and Daniel years ago!

    1. Kristan!! So good to hear from you! I thought I saw you were having a little girl! So excited for you two! Fertility treatments are so hard, but I know our girls will always know how much they were wanted and loved and how long we waited for them!!

      I LOVE that song so much. They sing a song called "Glory Baby" that they wrote after miscarrying and it helped us so much when we lost our first. Have you listened to any of their other music? It is wonderful. I love "Captivate Us"! Julia had it sung in her wedding and it is just beautiful. She sings as Christy Nockels now and I swear-everything she sings is just amazing. Most of her stuff is on my labor play list!


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