Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maternity Must Haves

Believe it or not, we are coming to the final weeks of pregnancy.  I can't believe it!  We have just 3 weeks until full term and 6 to our due date! Here are the things I couldn't live without during my pregnancy (obviously in no particular order):
  1. I am not one for reading, but I was particularly interested in what I should expect during pregnancy and nursing.  I read What to Expect When You're Expecting and The Complete Book of Breastfeeding.  I enjoyed both, but I took to the breastfeeding book more-I guess because it's practical, need-to-know info.
  2. My Camera, for bump pictures of course!  We took them every week starting around week 13 when my bump was bitty.  We took them in the same place (not the same outfit, though) every Sunday morning before leaving for church.  We have the Canon Rebel T3i with an additional Tamron lens-I think the AF 28-75mm f/2.8.  We love them both.
  3. My iPhone and Pinterest.  I loved taking pictures of little things and sending them to my mom and sister because they live far away.  A few times I was able to video record Little Miss jumping in my belly to show them and my husband!  And, of course, to get on Pinterest.  Sleep has become such an issue that I am usually on there pinning baby outfits and freezer meals every morning at 3am.
  4. Nail Clippers.  Early in my pregnancy, everyone told me my hair would get thicker and be super lustrous and beautiful.  Um, no.  My hormones did the exact opposite and my hair has become super brittle.  I have one to two inch breakages all around my part.  It's pretty bad!  However, my nails have taken all of that growth.  I have to trim them every single week.  Granted, I don't like long nails at all, but still.  Every week!
  5. Palmers Cocoa Butter Preggo Line.  No, they didn't prevent stretch marks.  If they really did, I wouldn't have any (and I do!) because I lathered up 2-3 times a day.  I really liked the lotion and cream in the morning after showering and the butter at night time.  It really kept the itching at bay!
  6. Water!  I mean, clearly you need water while pregnant.. like 8 oz at least every single hour.  I had such bad heartburn that everything gave it to me but water.  I've always got a huge bottle with me wherever I go (I was like that before pregnancy so it wasn't much of a routine change but I drink so much more now!).
  7. Zantac and Tylenol PM.  I always thought before I got pregnant that I would be all natural and not take any medications and eat whole, organic foods.  Ya, no.  I had to start taking Zantac because my heartburn was so severe that I couldn't eat.  It kicked in literally the day after my morning sickness stopped.  I had already lost 11 pounds during my first trimester from being sick and not being able to eat, so I was put on prescription strength.  The heartburn went away during the 20's and then came back a few weeks ago, maybe week 32.  Yuck.  And, I already said sleep is not going so well, which started maybe around weeks 28-30.  If I don't sleep, I have contractions.  SO, Tylenol PM is great!
  8. Fruit.  I have craved fruit like crazy during my entire pregnancy.  I eat a lot of it as it is, but having all of my favorites in season during the summer made for serious cravings.
  9.  My sewing machine!  I knew I wanted to make this baby tons of little things, but when I found out she was a girl, it went into overdrive!  I have sewn her bedding, some clothing, and still have a few more things to do.  I have been a busy little sewing bee, that's for sure!  Plus, she loves it when I sew.  She always kicks to the rhythm of the machine and I love it.  Cannot wait to teach her.  I have the Singer Stylist sewing machine and Juno Serger by Janome.  I bought them both from Hancock Fabrics (on sale and with my teacher discount!) and love love love them both.  Great machines.
  10. Maternity Clothes.  Alright, so I am cheap.  Like, really cheap.  I have always worn leggings and loose fitting tops, so a lot of my clothes lasted me through at least half of my pregnancy, some still!  But, my favorites have been maternity tanks and normal tanks from Target, cardigans, and Old Navy's Low Rise Maternity Leggings.  Seriously, I wear the leggings every single day of my life.  I have some maternity jeans, but A.  It is summer and super hot and B. Now that I am really big, they pinch me under the belly.  So, leggings it is.  Highly, highly recommend getting the two pack- it's a black and dark grey pair for $28, which is a really good deal.  They saved my life!  Their maternity maxi skirts are also wonderful.  I bought them early in my pregnancy and thought I would have to take them back because they were too big, but by the time I needed them, believe me, they fit!  Order true to size.
  11. Pillows.  You know, all those little aches and pains that come with pregnancy-spreading hips, relaxed ligaments.  I always have a ton of pillows around me, tucked in places that need extra lift and support, especially for my hips.  I tried my Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow several times and I have to say, I totally hate that thing.  I am so glad I bought it on consignment for ten bucks!  (I'm not saying it's a bad brand or product.  I know lots of preggers that can't live without their pillow and I'm sure this one is wonderful, but it did not work for me and actually hurt me more!)
That is it!  Pregnancy has been so wonderful for me.  I have loved it and still do.  A little sad it's coming to an end!


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