Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Waiting Room and Framed Mirrors

I have been so enthralled with thrift stores and Craigslist purchases lately that I've stocked up on, well, STOCK, for some DIY projects.  I have committed myself to a "no-more-spending spree" until I finish up what I have.
I adore what I do for a day job (teach middle school sewing- AMAZING gig!  Who knew you could get paid to have fun all day?), but I honestly cannot wait to get home to work on my "babies".  Here's my lineup:
  • Refinish/recover padding on a chair for the master bedroom
  • Refinish Craigslist coffee table (GORG) for the basement
  • Make/cover pillows for the bedroom, decorative chair, and living room couches
  • Refinish sewing desk and computer desk
  • "Frame" bathroom (master and hall) mirrors {read below!}
The sewing desk was FREE (JOY!)- I saw it on the curb the other night waiting for trash day and rang the doorbell to ask if I could have it to refinish.  My sister-in-law came with me to aid in the loading process, so while she was in the car and I was "asking", I was making a new friend and scoring 2 free kitchen tables with chairs!  The woman tried to refinish one of the chairs and hated it, so they were just going to throw it in the dump.

Score!  I am my father's daughter.  He has been known to dumpster drive on many occasions.  I have no shame- one man's trash is definitely MY treasure.

Now, after all of my deal seeking adventures, I have a waiting room of junky looking furniture that will soon look like a thousand bucks =) 

Here is a mass before picture of my "rags":

I mentioned in the list that I want to "Frame" our bathroom mirrors.  I was at my parents' house over Christmas and LOVED that way it looked on their mirrors.  I wanted to do it then and today I stumbled upon a blog- Show & Tell - that has a tutorial!  So exciting.  Here is a rundown of the framing process- these are the pictures she used in her tutorial.  I "summarized" it through pictures and caption for easy reading:

I LOVE this- even contemplating painting the cabinets and light fixture black during my extended time off (eh, hmm, Spring break and summer)!

Happy Projecting!


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