Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY Home Updates

I actually took a break from sewing last week {gasp!} to put together a little home decor project for the house.  Not quite sure where I want to put it because I am so in love with it- we will figure that out soon!
I had bought this huge frame from Michael's on clearance for $5.  It holds an 8*10 picture and the mount is huge, if that gives you any dimension.  It was originally this light wood color that I didn't like, so I decided to spray paint it black when we were living in our apartment last year.  Didn't work so well.  It turned out okay, but it didn't cover very well and some parts of the paint did this really weird "pooling" thing.  I shook the can just like I was supposed to, the temperature outside was fine (I know that can make a difference), and I painted 3 light coats in a sweeping motion.  The "pooling" only happened in 2 spots, so I'm thinking there was some finish or chemical in that spot that wasn't on the rest of the frame.  Anyway, it looked like crap and I never put them up.

 You can really see the weird finish in the right photo.  Ewwwwww.
A few weeks ago, I found this iron cross at Goodwill for $3.99.  LOVE.

A little rusty, but, just like our patio set, nothing a little Rustoleum won't cover.  I didn't love it because I thought it was pretty (although it is), but because I want people to walk into our home and know what team we play for (and in case you didn't get that- it's Jesus).  Unfortunately, I think some people decorate with them not because of their meaning but because they are pretty.  And, I know, I am making mine pretty, too, but it was important for me to find a special cross for our home.  One side of the cross beam is actually missing the end "tendril" of iron, but I like that about it.  The cross wasn't glamorous and neither are we.  We are broken people, just like my little Goodwill cross.  Love it!

First, I primed the frame after I took it apart.  I had skipped this step when I painted it black.  Priming can be tedious and make the project longer, but it really is worth it when refinishing something.  The people who previously owned our home left us a smorgasbord of paint, so I already had it.  Just one coat!  Let it dry.

Second, I spray painted the frame with 3 light coats in a sweeping motion.  I wanted it to "match" the trim in our house, which is white, so I used a semi-gloss enamel.  Perfect.
I didn't buy Rustoleum brand for this part.  $.99 off brand, baby!
Meanwhile, I painted the cross with some textured black spray paint to cover up all the rust and give it a new, fresh look.  I had to makes sure to get into all the little nooks and crannies, but it turned out fantastic.
 I glued the cross to the frame using Epoxy:
Be careful!  This is some pretty gnarly stuff!  It comes in a syringe like this or 2 big tubes.  This syringe was so much easier than the tubes!
 Put them together and what do we get?
It's actually still drying!  I will show you where I put it.. when it gets there!
Love it!

Daniel and I are working on one last project that we can finish before school starts again (UGH- I think I am dreading it more than the kids!  Once I get there I will love it again, but the freedom... magnificent.).  The people who lived here before us took really awesome care of the house, but they had a one year old and another toddler.  Some of the walls have just a few little scuffs and fingerprints on the bottom 1/3 of the wall.  We have flat paint, so touch-ups mean repainting the whole wall.  Not really wanting to do that.  Plus, we are planning on staying in this house for a while and our future kiddies will be doing the same- i.e. trying to pull up, touching the walls, etc.  AND since we will be Uncle Daniel/Aunt Katie at Christmas Time, this might be happening sooner than later.
SO, we have decided so put up some "faux" wainscoting in the hallway and up the stair ways.  I am SO excited!  I think it looks amazing and will be great to cover the prints and scuffs and prevent future ones.  Since the paint will be the same paint used for trim, it can be wiped and washed without a problem (i.e. semi-gloss).  LOVE.

I know.
What. Is. Wainscoting?
1.  Wood, especially oak and usually in the form of paneling, for lining interior walls.
2.  The lining itself, especially as covering the lower portion of a wall.
3.  A dadoo, especially of wood, lining an interior wall. (Yes!  That was a serious definition.  Dadoo.)
4Wainscoting is a decorative paneling that commonly adorns the lower part of walls and stairways. It can be found in upscale homes, offices, conference rooms and other assorted commercial spaces. Wainscot adds architectural interest and detail to otherwise bare walls.
Upscale?  Sure!  We'd love to fake it!
Here are some pictures we've looked at for design inspiration.  For the Hallway:
No so much the beadboard in this one, but it looks like our house, only with wood floors.
It should look exactly like this =)
And for the stairs:
Mmmm... the things moulding can do.  If only my house looked this nice- can I get an Amen?!?  I would really like to use moulding to frame my bathroom mirrors like I posted I would back in February.  Still convincing the hubs!

Real wainscoting is actual wood paneling put up onto the wall under the trim/chair-rail with "boxes" put up on top of it.  To cut costs, we are just painting the wall with the semi-gloss paint, putting up trim above it, and attaching the trim boxes straight onto the wall.  Wait until you hear the price.  You. Will. Die.
For now, here is a little teaser of what's done so far.  When all is said and done, I will post a tutorial =)
Already in love!  AND our stairs carpet is not that dirty.  There is a tan towel heaped on the floor in front of the window by our door.  It makes it look awful!
Off to sew a little and go for a girls night with the Gibson gals.  Woot!



  1. LOVE the cross/frame DIY! How creative! Also, the "team Jesus" comment made me laugh... in a good way. :)

  2. Haha- like the way Jason Bateman makes me "smile"?! =D


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