Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tea Rose Home Ruffle Shirt

I love tutorials!  They are great.  Pain in the bootay to make, but fun to follow.  I was mentioned and linked to Eat Craft Sow by means of my diaper cover tutorial (thanks Jennifer!) and found a great link on her website that eventually linked me to the Tea Rose Home.  This gal has some awesome tutorials.. lots with ruffles and lace!  Love it.  So, here is what I made, using the Ruffle Shirt tutorial at Tea Rose Home:
First, start with a shirt or tank from the closet, plus an extra T shirt.  I was planning on taking this to Goodwill but I realized I could cut it up and use it for this project (Not that I don't like my old college shirts, but it has a few stains on the sleeves).  New shirt- ZERO dollars!

Cut up T shirt and ruffle up, pin to tank, sew them on:
I loved having my dress form for this project.  I pinned the ruffles right onto the shirt while on the from.  Sweet!
Make a few fabric flowers and finished!
Sew cute!  Thanks, Sachiko for posting such a great tutorial!
Hmmm... I may use this one in the "Refashion" unit of my Sewing II class.  Yep!



  1. #1 I love your blog, it is so cute and fun.
    #2 You motivate me to get out my sewing machine and make cute clothes. Or just have you make stuff for me! Especially the dresses, those would be great to teach in!
    #3 You are too cute! Can you come decorate my apartment?
    Love you!


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