Friday, May 3, 2013

16 Weeks

How far along: 16 Weeks, 2 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 lbs!  It is weird gaining weight when you have struggled with weight your whole life, but I think I'm doing okay for now.

Maternity clothes: Yup and Yup!  I can still do a lot of my pre-preg tops because I have always been a tunic-or-flowy-shirt-or-oversizedsweater-with-leggings kind of gal.  Trying not to spend a lot on maternity clothes.  I would rather shop for bebe!

Emotions:  A little sensitive.  I cry every time I imagine introducing the baby to our family or imagine my husband snuggling.  Cannot wait.

Stretch marks: None.  When do they start showing up?  I keep hearing stretch marks are hereditary.  If that's the case, I am one blessed girl because, quite frankly, I have a totally hot mom.  She's got the marks in normal places and I already have them- tatas mostly.  None on her tummy!!  Still bathing in my cocoa butter every morning!

Sleep: Off and on.  I have been pretty tired lately.. probably because of a growth spurt.  My back is killing me!  I am a back sleeper.  I know eventually that needs to stop, but baby just isn't big enough to make me give that up yet.  I have started putting a flattened pillow under my back and it helps.

Best moment this week: Getting belly rubs and finally "bumping".  I think I still just look chubby (let's be honest, when have I not), but it's so nice to look pregnant to strangers... I may or may not rub my belly to make it more obvious. =)

Movement: Lots of round ligament stretching.  I was cramping last weekend (which is why I didn't do a 15 week update) and went to the ER Sunday morning (which is when we always take bump pictures).  They found out I have partial placenta previa which should fix itself, but I had a very small bleed that wasn't active and was resolving itself, making me cramp.  That went away, but I had to see my OB the following Tuesday and I was telling her how I felt sore in my abs and hips and back- and that my uterus felt "tender" (I'm not complaining-I don't care how much it hurts!  But, when you lose a baby and have never had a full term pregnancy, you don't know what it normal and what is not!).  She looked at me and smiled and said, "You are pregnant!"  I am that girl.  Thinking I am dying and my baby is freaking out when-yep-I am just growing another human being inside this bod.  Fun moment!

Food cravings: ohmagosh.  Turkey sandwiches.  I finally caved and told my husband "YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM THIS SANDWICH" and gorged on some pringles and pickles with it.  Yum.  And, watermelon... like two each week.  Yikes.

Gender: May 22nd is the day!  Can't wait.

Labor signs: Nada.

Belly button - in or out? In.  Surrounded by a growing bump!

What I miss: Coca Cola.  Anything but water=instant heartburn before it's even into my tummy.

What I am looking forward to: Boy or girl.. and lots of shopping.  We have started the nursery and moved our guest bed into the new guest room that used to be an office.  Pack 'N Play is up, Crib is in place, and chair is being delivered May 10.  Need to start sewing!  


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