Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Fabric Rosette Tutorial}

Remember my new sink and my dog that is as obsessed with working on my projects as I am?  Well, put them together and we have our first bath in the new sink!

He was SOOO mad at me after this.  He's over it now.  What a cutie!

I love teaching, but let's be honest:  it sucks the life out of you.  That means I can really only work on my "projects" on weekends.  UNLESS it's Spring Break, which is now!

Woooo hoooo!

I hope to be project-filled all week.  A busy bee I will be.  

Anyway, I've been so obsessed with furniture and home furnishings lately that my wardrobe has been neglected.  Hopefully you haven't noticed.  I searched for a project that was A. Cheap, B. Fast, and C. Wardrobe related.  It was so fast I taught my students how to do this and made some at work.  What is it you say?

This project was totally FREEEEEEEEE- I used scrap fabric, already had the glue, and embellished a sweater from The Limited that I have had for years.

Here is the tutorial:

You need:
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Fabric 
  • Felt/fusible fleece (that you won't fuse.  A girl gotta use what she already has!)
Soooooo, what do I do?

1.  Cut a strip of fabric that is 3 in. wide and 45 in. long.  You may or may not use all of the fabric strip- it depends on how long you want the diameter of your flower to be (state assessments are coming up- gotta add in that math vocab word!  Ha)

2.  Tie a knot at one end.

3.  Twist the fabric around itself like a candy cane as you wrap it around the knot like, well, a rosette!  As you twist is around the knot, glue it to the previous "row" as you go along.  You do not want to be able to see the glue!

    5.  Once your flower is the size you want, glue your last row in place, turn your flower over to the back, apply glue, and cover the back with your remaining fabric "flap".  If you have too much fabric, just trim it!
Perfect size!  Fabric flap not yet glued down.
6.  Make as many more as you want- I really like the arrangements of 3 that are slightly different sizes.  Here are mine:
7.  Arrange the flowers that way you want them to be on your shirt/pillow/necklace and glue them to your felt or fleece:

8.  Trim the fleece away so you can't see it anymore:

9.  Hand sew to your attire of choice!

Old Navy was having a sale on some basics, so I embellished a t-shirt, too. 
Shirt:  $5
Fabric:  $1
Total:  $6!

TIP:  Try on clothes before buying and sewing on them.  Turns out this shirt is too big, so I have to return it.  Bummer!  Oh well.

Coffee table redo is JUST about done... should be posted Tuesday at the latest!

Can you make me somethin, too, Momma?  =)


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