Friday, March 18, 2011

High on Thirft

I get a total high from going to thrift stores and finding great deals.
Seriously, you'd think I was on drugs.
I usually come home, put it in its spot (as long as it doesn't need re-doing!), literally dance and sing (very poorly) throughout the house.

This week (my Spring Break- seriously, being a teacher is a primo gig, especially a FACS teacher), I ventured with my sister-in-law to several thrift stores, discount stores, and went on a "hunting" trip through the neighborhood on Wednesday night, under the disguise of darkness, before trash was picked up the next morning.

We. Cashed. In.

Exhibit A:  Bargain Haus in Lees Summit
Barely used, perfectly running Craftsman Lawnmower for $50.  We were hoping for something a little cheaper at a garage sale, but last year we couldn't for the life of us find a lawn mower at a garage sale.  It was in mint condition and is like new- we love it (correction, Daniel loves it)!

Wowza, do I love this man!
 Exhibit B:  Huntin' Trip!

Laughed so hard this night that my abs hurt.  Daniel supplied us with some flash lights and we cruised through the neighborhood for finds.  We also Cashed in in our opinion.  Kaleigh found a matching chair for their kitchen table (that only has 3 chairs currently thanks to a stink in Lawrence... Boo KU!), 3 perfectly good but dirty (hose, anyone?) plastic patio chairs, and a utility cart to go between their washer and dryer (not pictured).  All for $Free.99!

Exhibit C:  Salvation Army in Lees Summit (by far the best finds of the week!)
We had some time to kill while running errands before Kaleigh had to be back to get her cable/internet installed in their new house (woo hoo!), so we ran to Salvation Army.  First of all, Don't tell my husband, I found a great bookcase with lots of potential- it didn't fit in the car, so we are going to pick it up tomorrow.  It is going to be amazing.  Only $17!  Then, I found this loot:
 I found matching candle holders, then this piece of glass across the store.  Put them together and we have a cloche (pronounced kl-oh-sh)!  It will have some goodies inside of it sometime soon.  I found one on Thrifty Decor Chick and didn't think to search for one- this stumbled upon me =)
Not as cute as TDC, but can't beat $3.50!
I thought I would refinish the candle holders ($2.96) and put new flowers in the holder, but you know what, I love them they way they are.  Awesome!  The black iron and glass shelf will lose the shelf and become a towel holder in the bathroom.  It's a little more narrow than the holes that are already there from the previous holder, so I will have to rig it up... I'll post when that gets done.Here is the mantle now- I don't know that it will all stay there (especially the picture frames- they were thrown up there when we moved in so they wouldn't break- we didn't have anywhere to set them to get them out of the way), and candles will be on the holders.  Love it!
Vase on the left will have some flowers, too!

The tall metal holder in the first picture is going on the back porch with my $25 (gorg) patio set and will be potted with something my husband picks out.  My likey! Now go and find something cheap! ***Update***My beautiful sister went to Goodwill in Charleston this afternoon after reading my post and this is what she got! 

Antique Heirloom butter churn:  $12 (looked online- it is worth over $100!  It is hand signed and dated.  You never know what you will find!)Fruit bowl:  $6 Candle Holders:  $6 for the pair (will be painted.  Apparently my dad wants them to be gold.  Tacky is he!)Glass Vase:  $2.  Flower is from Walmart, Better Homes and Gardens I think.


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