Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hope for Japan

My job is ridiculous amazing.

I teach kids how to sew (and cook healthfully and properly, but sewing is my fav!).

While you think it might seem easy, it's not.

Take a hike, sister.

I adore it, but it can be frustrating.  Constantly.  You begin to wonder if 1.  They even listen to a what you are saying and 2.  Why on earth they think the way they do.  I mean really, who thinks of these things?

But... at the same time... it's so much fun.  And rewarding.  And totally worth it all.

My students are at somewhat of a turning point in the semester- one class is well into sewing through projects and getting better with each day, and the other is about to start their first sewing project (in this class, we were previously learning about nutrition and food prep.  Such a fun class!).  I felt like we needed to change things up a little bit from last year and throw a curve-ball into the schedule.

In our in-service on Monday (ya, Monday in-service right after Spring Break.  Best. Idea. Ever.), we talked about service-learning projects and ways to serve the community while still practice the skills and curriculum we teach in good 'ole fabulous Family and Consumer Sciences (have I told you I love my job?  Seriously, can't tell you enough.  It. completes. me.).  It was fresh in my mind Tuesday morning and I thought, "Hmmmm, we should do something for Japan!" 

I called every crisis relief agency known to man in this town and no one accepts donations besides 1. CASH MONEY and 2. Care kits (basically non-sewable items like toiletries).  I talked to Cheryl, a.k.a. FACS goddess, who happens to be my partner in crime and fabulous mentor (cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am to work with her!), and we came up with a project we could make with the students and sell, then donate the money.  This is what we came up with.

Tote bags and iPod cases (we surveyed our students to see what they would want to buy- go figure!) are being made from canvas with an ironed-on decal of our "logo".  It is the Japanese symbol for "Hope", and our campaign is conveniently called "Hope for Japan".  The idea behind the design is basic and simplistic so that the focus is on Japan, not the bag or case.

My classes will be frantically making these this week and next, then selling them April 4th through the 8th to their peers.  It's a easy-peasy pattern, but still- we're talking 13 and 14 year olds with about 2 months of sewing experience (can you say psycho?!!?).  If I don't blog for 2 weeks, this is why.

My classroom is being transformed into a sweat shop.  For bags.  For iPod cases.  For Japan.  I love it!

Here is the logo:

Here are our products.  They are crazy adorable.

Hobo Totes are $7, iPod cases are $5.  If you want one, let me know!  I will keep updating on how much we're raising- so far we have $100 in orders, and we haven't even started!  Ahhh!

I'll leave you with our "advertisement" video being shown at school to the students to encourage them to donate. It's better full screen or bigger if you can get it there, but you get the point.
And keep in mind, this is for middle schoolers.  =)


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