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My last post went into detail about my new sewing project with my kiddos- Hope for Japan bags/iPod cases.  Guess what?!?!  As of this morning, we have $850 worth of merchandise made to sell to staff and students.  How exciting!  I'm running a mini sweat-shop/assembly line in my classroom and, at one point, spent 3 hours straight hunched over a serger sewing darts and finishing seams.  Yowza!  Between the runs to JoAnn fabric and Walmart for fabric, thread, and other supplies, it's been nuts-o.  Let's just say it's 6:45, dinner is still cooking, and I am blogging.  Go figure.

Oscar's new obsession in life is plastic Easter eggs.  He bats them around, runs around with them in his mouth, plays with them until he opens them, and ditches them.  He won't play with them until we close them back up and the cycle continues.
The dozen opened eggs strewn around the house is starting to drive me crazy.  The laundry is piling up and the dishes stay in the sink overnight-

I have a 35 minute commute to work and, despite the gas costs, I actually enjoy it.  It gives me time to lesson plan (you heard it!!  I lesson plan in the car sometimes and get random ideas, then hurry up and run inside when I get to school and jot them down... works rather well!), think of meals to cook the next week, and reflect on things going on in life.  My drive this afternoon?  Family.

I absolutely adore my family- both sides of it.  My family is so.. well.. me {make sense?  never!}.  Perfect example:  I am the total opposite of a germ freak.  I. will. use. your. toothbrush.  Then I will leave you secret notes about how I used only after I know you have used it again.  Muuuhahahaha.  We were moving my brother into his new house and the only thing that was in their fridge to drink was a 2-liter of Root Beer, no cups.  We "took one down and passed it around" and all drank from the same 2-liter, with the exception of my husband.  Hoosiers?  Yes.
I am the middle child and have an older brother and younger sister.  We grew up in STL, Europe, and Kansas.  We love each other.  We tease, play pranks, and take embarrassing screen shots while we Skype.
A little edit-hilarious!  This is my Momma =)

I don't know who I'd be without them.  I wish we all lived together, but our visits are so sweet.
This is us!

I love my husband's family, too.  He is the oldest of 5 and I love every minute we get to spend with them.  I don't think I could have prayed for a better family to choose to be in.  I can't speak for them, but I think they love me =)  At least I hope they love me half as much as I love them.

If it looks like we have a lot of fun, you're right- we do.  I'm not sure what made me think about my family today.  Maybe it's because I miss them, maybe it's because I'm in the mood for a good laugh.  Either way, all 13 of them are the perfect cure.

I have no project today, but I do have a recipe.  My mother-in-law makes this, but I'm not sure if this is exactly her recipe.  I forgot to ask her how to make it, so I just made it up from memory.

Sveeeeeeeeedish Meatballs =)

1 lb ground beef/turkey
3/4 cup bread crumbs
Salt/Pepper to taste
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Chili powder- Pinch!
Red Pepper flakes-Pinch
1 egg

2 cans cream of mushroom soup- I used 3 because I like a lot of sauce, and I used fat free soup.
1/4 cup fat free/low fat sour cream
1/4 cup milk
Dash of worcestershire sauce
Dash of hot sauce

  • Mix all meatball ingredients together and shape into balls.  I made about 16 from this recipe.
  • Bake at 375 for 20 minute or until meatballs are almost done.  You can also saute them if you are in a rush!  (I think you can cook them raw in a crockpot with the sauce, but I like to pre-cook them so I can dispose of grease)
  • In a bowl, mix all sauce ingredients until blended.
  • Place all meatballs into a greased 8*8 dish  and pour sauce on top.
  • Bake for 40 minutes at 375.
Done!  I served it with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  The sauce was a great gravy and was super yummy over the broccoli.  We haven't had this for a while and it was perfect.

OKAY, now off for some serious cleaning and organizing of the house.  Daniel is busy assembling our new eliptical, so I'm sure the basement is abundant with teeeee-rash.  I don't even want to look.

Here is a teaser for my next project... what do you think it will be???

P.S. Excuse the present condition of the blog.  I am addicted to change, so I keep playing the the layout and headers and I'm still working.  Don't judge!


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