Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sink or Swim? Sink!

I. Love. My. Kitchen.

What do I like about it?  There is lots of room to socialize, lots of storage space, is totally separate from the eating area, and is my favorite color scheme:  Neutrals!

Don't mind the window treatment- it was left here when we bought and house and I haven't replaced it yet.  Shocker, I know.  Also, our oven handle is broken.  We're getting that fixed asap.

I put these pot holders up (which I made with my students last semester for about $1 each- there is 4) when we first moved in on these CUTE cast iron tea pot holders, which I found on clearance at Hob Lob for $1.75 each.

The sink, however, is the one thing I do not love.  It is a white porcelain enamel sink and scratches/stains at the drop of a hat.  Being the clean freak that I typically am, it drives me nuts.

SOOOO I started a sink fund.  In a wine glass.  By the sink.
I "encouraged" Daniel to contribute to it when I was being "good".
Let's just say he made no contributions.  (Kidding- he did =D)

All excess funds (i.e. my birthday money, gift cards, house warming gift, and health insurance "rewards" for being healthy) were collected and taken to Home Depot to buy......

Granite Composite Sink!
I absolutely love it!  Stain and scratch free.  The bowls are also deeper and bigger.  Thank you to our friend Paul for working on his Saturday night to put it in for us.  Oh, how I love it!  I was going to take some process pictures, but Paul's wife, Ellie, and I sewed a precious little dress for their daughter and we were busy busy busy.  Sorry!  (I'll make another and put it in a tutorial=D)

Here is what our kitchen looks like now:

 Looooooooooof it!
Who knew a sink could make a girl so happy?

On another note, my coffee table redo is primed and I'm off to paint it.  Reveal will be posted this week!


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