Monday, April 25, 2011

New To-Do

Remeber my seemingly short to do list way back when?  Well, that took waaaaaaaay longer than I thought.
It needs an update!
Refinish/recover padding on a chair for the master bedroom
Refinish Craigslist coffee table (GORG) for the basement
Make/cover pillows for the bedroom, decorative chair, and living room couches
Refinish sewing desk and computer desk

"Frame" bathroom (master and hall) mirrors
While I wish I could be busier than I have been, school will be over in no time and I will have all summer to do some upgrading, decorating, and sewing.  The sewing desk and computer desk haven't even been touched, but I'll get to it!  I am still in the process of convincing my husband to frame our mirrors- as loyal as he is to everything in his life, he is a commitment freak when it comes to decorating the house with permanent changes.  Hmmmmm... I'll let you know when that status changes ;)
The decorative chair and coffee table redos went great-you can see them on my tutorial page!  I just finished all of the pillows for the living room- I am a total sucker for pleats and ruffles- so I combined them on the couch.  Loooooove them!
My next project will be to redo my patio furniture from Craigslist- it was only $20!  Some of the paint is chipping so the metal has rusted just a little in some places.  It's nothing a wire brush and some Rustoleum won't fix.  My husband and I put some molding up in my in-laws' house as a Mother's Day present for my mother-in-law, so that occupied the whole weekend- BUT I'm always looking for ideas and mini project to do in my free low stress moments at home when I'm not worrying about school and counnnnting down the days to my first summer of freedom since... I came of age to hold a job.  Wow!  {22 school days by the way!}
Lookie at things I am loving right now:

  • Have you been to  CRAZY.  Complilation of creative/adorable/delicious recipes from random blogs.  These egg molds from Making Memories with your Kids is so cool!
 Yep, that's an egg!  You have to hard cook them, peel them while they are still hot, and put them into the mold to cool.  I just can't believe that we have such an awesome God who made eggs #1 The beginnings of life, #2 Versitile, and #3 all around nutritionally and culinarily (word?) awesome.  Nonetheless, I hate eggs (ha!) so I will be making these yummy peanut butter bars from Amanda's Cookin'
Helllo!  I can feel my gut growing in size already!  Anyway, iShareFunFood is awesome!  Check it out for ideas =)
  •   Sewing tutorials- She Wears Flowers has this absolutely adorable dress tutorial that I'm going to make for... someone!  Or maybe it will sit in our one-day nursery closet.  Looove it!  I want one in my size.
JAQS Studio has a super duper cute washbloth/burpcloth tutorial that I just love- I want to make a bunch for my house!
See her little tag?  I want those with my initials.  Anyone know where to find them? 
  • Teacher Appreciation Projects- Whhhhhaaaaat??  I thought you were a teacher! Yes, Yes I am, but my students are sewing teacher appreciation gifts for the other teachers in our school.  So fun!  We teachers love goodies!  Here are a few things I've found and LOVE- rosette bookmarks (super easy and fast- hard to mess up!) and no-sew flowers that we are putting on the end of pens, not dowel rods.  Found these on Skip to my Lou, which I tend to stalk daily. =)

  • Inifinity Scarf!  So easy to make and so versitile- I will show you a tutorial when I actually make it! 
Love it! 
Wow, am I ambitious! 
Well, it will have to wait for the weekend.  For now it's school. zumba. home. dinner. TV. 
Sorry for the pointlessness of this post- I am really ready for summer, but still don't have time to make anything!  Oh well- discover new foods on iShare until I get back this weekend! 


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