Saturday, April 16, 2011

Penny Pincher

That's me!  Penny Pincher at its finest.  As my father says, I "make pennies bleed".  I learned from the best- him!
Momma and Daddy Kurowski!
Anyway, there have been so many great finds in the last few weeks for me.  I love spring!
To me, the grungier the store, the better.  My husband hates this about me and refuses to shop anywhere that uses grocery sacks that do not come from their store to bag your items or asks you to buy your own bags- i.e. thrift stores, Aldi, and the Bargain Zone!

The Bargain Zone is probably once of the junkiest stores I've ever been to.  Lots of expired food items and random clothing/cosmetic/office/craft/garage items.  So weird!  Definitely hit and miss with this one.  However, I did find some good finds on my last trip:

I found metal gardening shovels for $.78 each, a gas container for the lawn mower for $4 (the cheapest I could find was $10 at Hope Depot!), $3 cute kleenex holder for the bathrooms (I bought 2), and new with tags guest room fitted and flat sheets and 4 pillow cases for $6!  Wow!  Love it.  Random junk, but all needed!

I stopped by a few thrift stores over in Kansas where I teach and also found some great things.  I bought a new pair of Banana Republic wide-leg trouser jeans and work pants from The Limited for $4 each.  Crazy.  I used to skip over the clothes at thrift stores and just look at interiors and furniture, but now I quickly look over the clothes (I know, one more thing to make my thrift trips longer!).  They have some great finds... and I can always alter something with my handy dandy sewing machine. =)
We've been in the market for a new vacuum for the longest time- actually, since we've been married!  Our first apartment was in brand new married housing on campus, so our carpet was basically dorm-room style.  Our vacuum worked for what we needed it for, but now we had real carpet (and light beige at that!).  I told my husband 2 weeks ago that a new vacuum would be on my Christmas list this year.  I was at Savers in Olathe (not my favorite- they price things too high!), lookin around, and I saw this beauty:
$32.99!  I was at Walmart right after this and the model below this was $150.  Crazy!  I had to clean out the air filter, but it. is. awesome.

Then, last night (I know, my savings never ends!) I went to a baby consignment sale with my friend Ellie and found some sweet sweet clothes for her baby to be and baby Claire (again!  Haha.  Sorry Jenni!).  I bought all of this for only $11!
Most of it is either Carter's or Gerber- not sure about the dress.  That's 6 onesies, 2 dresses, 2 hats, and 2 pairs of mittens.  Wow!  So so cute and all in fantastic shape.  Love it!  I also found a little shirt for... heeehemmm... a future baby girl of mine.  I know, I know, silly.  As much as I am looking forward to dressing up and sewing for a little baby girl in the future, I will probably have an army of boys.  GO figure.  But I could not put this shirt down.  It was only $3 and it will sit in the closet of our one-day nursery closet.  Precious!  I can just see a mini me in this with baby skinny jeans and little flats.  Making Auntie Chrissy proud!

I have neglected my blogging commitment lately because of the craziness of school, but I promise I have been busy... with a new fireplace mantle-scape!

The big flower arrangement on the left picture cost me a total of $10- the container was $5 from The Salvation Army Family Store and the flowers were on clearance at Michael's for $5.  The arrangement on the right (my favvvvvvorite) only cost me $22.  Brown vase was on clearance at Joann Fabric for $4, flowers on clearance at Michael's for $6, candles priced at $4 each at Home Goods, and the candle holders were $2 each at Salvation Army- they participated in Spray Paint Sunday!

Best cheap-o $1 can of white enamel spray paint I've ever bought!

Love. Love. Love the fireplace now!
New goals:  Finish new landscaping, put up molding in in-laws house, and repaint new patio furniture!  Updates to come =)


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