Saturday, April 2, 2011

Japan Update

Crazy week!  {well, I'm sure you've already got that from the last post.  Duh!}

I suppose the insanity paid off- my district featured my students' project on our district website!

My students are so awesome- they worked all week sewing these bags and iPod cases for hours at a time during a block schedule because of state assessments.  Never once did they complain, get off task, or fatigue.  I am blessed!  I have more support for my students from my coworkers, Principal, and district than I could ever ask for.
You can also read about our project in more detail in our school newsletter- we are featured in the third column on the first page and have pictures on the 9th page!

As of right now, we have over $1000 worth of merchandise sewn and will begin sales this week.  I will keep you updated on how much we are able to donate!
I am off to run some errands and come home to {joyfully!} project!  Will update tomorrow =)
  Let's just say thrift stores have been very good to  me lately!


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