Saturday, April 2, 2011

{Precious Ones}

My Father-in-law is a {fantastic} Pastor and has led a church he planted since.. well.. my husband was wee.  I love our church because it's rather small and we know everyone by name.  What I also love is that Daniel has relationships with people that have watched him grow from a little boy to a man {and they still love him... haha joking.  From what I hear, he was golden}.  We're friends with so many people that Daniel grew up with- especially Matt and Jenni (Jenni's blog is so fun!  She writes on it constantly and shares so many fun tips!).

Daniel, Matt, and Jenni have known each other forever {I didn't come into the scene until college}.  We don't get to see them a ton because we used to live in Manhattan (K-S-U!) and, well, we all have big boy/girl jobs, but we love our time with them!

Amanda Eaton Photography took their wedding pictures and some of our family pictures.  She. is. amazing!

Anyway, they are having a baby!  Such an exciting time- hopefully Daniel and I will join the ranks of parenthood sometime soon, but not right now.  In the meantime, I adore sewing baby things for friends {like my binkie clips for baby Claira}.
Jenni's shower is on Saturday and I could.not.wait. to put these on here to show you.  Is this not precious or what!

The are naming little one "Claire"- Hot Dang!  Must be a popular name!

Nope!  Sorry!  I am starting an Etsy {woooo hooo!} to have something to do this summer whilst not teaching and will have some there.  It would be silly to sell my secret!


I'll let you know when it is up and running!
Tomorrow is Spray Paint Sunday- come back and see!


  1. Awww.. how adorable! Am I supposed to pretend that I didn't see this? And Yay for the Etsy shop. How exciting! :)


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