Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pick Your Plum

I am obsessed with this site!

Pick Your Plum sells "totally swank" craft and decorating supplies for BEST CHEAP!  They have one item/set of items per day and when they are sold out, they are gone 4-eva.
They post at 6am each morning (mountain time) and let's just say it's 10 am CST and they are already sold out of today's item:
Set of 3 for $18!
Can't say I would have bought this anyway, but some of their other stuff has been SO cute!  They just launched last week and you can get their daily emails with the deal o' the day.
Here are some things I wish I would have gotten

Rand-o Handle- cute on something!
I just bought one of those silver tins at Salvation Army for $2!  Would have been perfect.  Guess how much those where?!
$1.50 for all 3 labels.  Holy cow!

Anyway, check them out!
On a side note, I am totally flattered someone reads this bloggie- Thanks to Janet Peak for facebooking me a link for customized clothing labels!

On a side side note, I held a newborn for the first time last night.  Incredible.  She is so perfect and sooo tiny and so incredibly beautiful.  Makes me look forward to the day when I can hold my own.  I just can't believe that the same God that made the Earth and sewing and pink lemonade and tater tots made that baby grow to be a beautiful little girl and sent his Son to die on a cross so I could have a relationship with Him.  Crazy!  How can you be thankful enough for something like that?


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