Wednesday, November 16, 2011

$5 Friends

Daniel has classes for his business minor on Tuesday nights.  I really hate seeing him work 10-11 hour days and then have to go to class until 9:00 at night, but it will soon be over.  He is enjoying his classes, so it makes it more bearable when my heart hurts seeing him exhausted on Wednesday mornings.  The one good thing about him being gone is that I get a whole night to myself.  You're probably thinking, "You have NO CHILDREN!  Every day is a day to yourself!".  True.  However, I feel like by the time we both get home from work, we are exhausted and miss each other and just want to breathe each other in (while watching Big Bang Theory.  Seriously addicted).  You know what I mean?  I hate doing housework and Etsy orders when I could be spending time with Daniel.  These are things I get done on Tuesdays so that I am free to enjoy my husband and he has a clean home and fresh food to come home to. 
I also take my sweet time getting home after school Tuesdays because he's not there.  This means I usually stop at my favorite Goodwill store (Kansas City folk, it's the one on Metcalf and 135th.  Seriously, best thrift store of all time).
Yesterday, I scored these beauties:
Our current coffee pot totally stunk.  Not stink stink, it just spilled all over the place and I think the warmer plate was burnt out.  The coffee was cold after 5 minutes.  I love stainless steel in my white kitchen- this one is perfect.  It was a little dirty with coffee ground residue, but I cleaned it with some baking soda and vinegar, brewed vinegar water to clean it (my mom always did that- do you?  Just brew vinegar water once, then clean water 2 or 3 times after.  Clean!) and it looks brand new.  Seriously, not even joking.  Price?
$4.99!  This baby is $69.99 Retail!!  Ugh, so amazing.  Daniel loves coffee, but he doesn't drink any at home.  He told me last night (after he was thoroughly impressed!) that if he had a good coffee pot, he'd drink it at home.  Tada!  And, with the holidays coming up, we will have guests who want coffee.  =)

I also found this sweater from New York and Company:
1.  It is sold out in stores.
2.  Mine is grey.
3.  It was originally $46.50
4.  I paid $3.99
5.  I hand washed it when I got home and the water was grey... telling me it was barely worn and never even washed (especially now that I know it's in stores now).  =)

Don't you love a good thrift store find!?  I do!
Spent:  $9.00
Saved:  $107.49

Seriously?  Thank God for rich people who donate their gently used items.  =)


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