Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zip It.

Absolutely love Etsy.

It has been a blessing to us financially to be able to make a buck here and there on fun things.  Not that it's payin da billz, but it at least pays for fabric.. and my sewing addiction.

I needed to make my sis-in-law a Boppy Cover to go over the boppy pillow I found new at Goodwill for $1.98.

I didn't have any zippers and they weren't on sale anywhere (I told you I was cheap!).  I checked on Etsy and found ZipIt.

I was able to order 10 Twenty-Two inch zippers for $8.
Ya heard it here.
8 bucks.

Not even a dollar each, when in the store they are around $2.50 each.  You can purchase any kind of zipper you want from this gal.  Short or long, pink or white.  Love it.

What was even better about finding these zippers was the frustration that I experienced waiting for them.
No, it didn't take long to ship.
I was a DUMMY and forgot to change my shipping address to our new house.  So, after 2 weeks, I checked Etsy and figured out- WHY YES, I had them shipped to our apartment.  They arrived super quick- there.  =)

I messaged Jennie, the store owner, to ask if the packaged had been returned to the sender.  She was so sweet, said they had not, but to let her know if she could help in any way.  She also checked in with me a week later to see if I had them yet.  Who does that?  Sweet people- people the world needs more of!

Thankfully, our old apartment is 5 minutes from my school.  I called the complex to see if they had them, and they didn't.  DANG IT.  I finally decided-I am going to knock on that door and see if they have my zippers!

After sweating through the pits of my shirt and drying my sweaty palms, I knocked- no one was home.  All this sweating and heart palpitating for nothin.

I wrote a note on the back of a receipt and left it at the door.  The girl who lives there texted me that night and said she had it still in the mailbox.

Woop!  So, finally, last night I was reunited (or united?) with my zippers.

They are awesome, were such a great deal, came with an adorable decorative pull tab just for fun, and I made a new friend in the Zipit lady- Jennie =)

SO, if you need zippers, order from Zipit.  You will not regret it!

P.S. Amy Grant Pandora apparently loves Twila Paris.  I have no idea who that is or how you say "Twila", but I looove her!


  1. So glad you were able to get them to you! Thanks so much for letting me know about the store, Im cheap too! lol Going over now. :)

  2. Girl! Twila paris is a classic (old school) christian artist. Shes great! I remember listening to her "tapes" in my moms car. Or her Cd's back when you plugged a cd player into the tape dec in your car?! And what a deal on the zippers...and I totally once shipped an etsy order to my apt. It finally got forwarded to our house. Hope your thanksgiving was swell!


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