Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monogrammed Twine Letter

I was telling my girls at FCA this week (which has grown to about 31 kiddos.  Awesome!) about the Women of Faith conference and how much I loved seeing Amy Grant.

One of the girls I have in class said, "Oh, I know her".
Shut. Up.

I guess she met her on a cruise a few years ago and her family is good friends with Michael W Smith.  She ate dinner with her and snorkeled with her, too.  She said she gets backstage passes to her shows when she is close.  I can't believe I know this girl!  I loved her before this, but now I really like her (kidding.  But she is a great girl!).  And I'm not talking the Make-A-Wish type of "I know her".  She knows her.  Crazy!

Here is a video from the conference last week.  My mom, sis and I love Baby, Baby.

Anyway, I thought that was worth sharing.  =)
Here are some things I've been doing-

I made some new kitchen curtains to replace the ones our previous owners left (yes, it only took me 11 months to replace them!):
Seller Photo.

Don't you just love pleats?  This style would be darling on the crib skirt of a baby crib.  Love it!  Cost:  $6!

I jumped on the twine-wrapped-monogram-letter trend and made this:

Here is how you do it:

Make sure you hot glue the twine down as you go!

I love layering mantles.  It adds so much depth!  This craft cost only $1!  Letter- half off of $2 at Hob Lob, had the twine and glue.

We now have a serious problem in our house right now.
This is our first Christmas in our house and the first time setting up our tree (which is also "new".  Scored an 8-footer at a church rummage sale for $10!!).  What do you think?
Yes, I am watching an ultra-trashy Teen Mom at 7:30 am on a Saturday.

Leaning more towards the second one.  We are decorating next Friday-I will let you know what we decided! =)


  1. Definitely the second place! :)

  2. I have a question...if I wanted to hang one, how would you suggest putting the hanging hardware on the back? Would hot glue work, since the letter wouldn't be too heavy? Thanks!

  3. Coley, yes, I think you can just hot glue it. Mine is sitting on our mantle, so I never attached hardware. It is really light, though, so I am pretty sure that will work!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to give this a shot!

  4. How did you finish off the "G" at the bottom of the letter where it made the triangle?

  5. She did a second layer of twine around the letter.


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