Monday, November 14, 2011

Pinterest Love

Is anyone else in love with Pinterest?  I'm addicted.

Okay, addicted is a strong word.

If I had more time, I would probably realllly be addicted.  So far, so good- I only get on 1 or 2 times a week.  Anyway, love it.  It is such an awesome place to find awesome ideas. 

I thought I would post something I found on someones Pinterest Board last week.

Do you ever drop your makeup and it cracks or breaks?  Ya, me too.  Hate it.  I am so cheap that I continue to use it, even if it means my Mary Kay makeup brushes from high school will manage to cling to a solid chunk and streak my cheek with some seriously heinous blush, forcing me to start the whole makeup process over again.

Welp, I found this gem on Pinterest, courtesy of Painted Ladies.
It really works.
I had dropped my bronzer on the floor and it cracked..everywhere. Most of it fell out and I had to sweep it up before the dog ate it.
I didn't take my own pictures, so here are the ones from the website =):

Pour into bowl.

Crush up.

Add rubbing alcohol to make a paste (capful)

Pour back into compact.

Let sit to dry for 8 hours.

Press tight with paper towel.

 Who knew?!  Maybe this will encourage my little sister to read my blog.  She is a makeup freak.  Most of my makeup is 3rd generation hand-me-down.  From my sister.. to my mom... to me.  Wow.  Pathetic!


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