Thursday, November 17, 2011


A few weeks ago we had an in-service with the other middle school teachers in the district and we always share fun ideas to use in the classroom (I brought felt blooms =D).  Some of the teachers have been making lanyards with their kiddos and it has been a total hit.
Despite the fact that we give students 3 days off for Thanksgiving, they feel the need to skip town early and either come only Monday, or not at all.  I don't blame them-I would probably do the same if I could.  This=stress.  I can't just give them homework to do while they are gone so they don't fall behind (if only sewing machines were invisible- or we could sew with our minds.  Oh well, maybe in heaven.) because, well, we. sew.  It's such a hardship to have to reteach them 3 days worth of sewing patterns when they get back, because they are only falling behind even more.  We should be starting pattern envelopes on Monday, but I'm going to be smart and postpone until after Thanksgiving.  Instead?  Those awesome lanyards!
I found myself praying for my students last week when I had to leave school early unexpectedly.  I was in Walmart and, for some reason, I was overcome with gratitude and love for my girls.  They are so sweet, so kind, so fun.  They like to talk to me as much as I like to talk to them (which is a lot!) and share so much of their lives with me (they even asked me to wear my hair straight for "crazy hair day" this week and fawned over it when they saw it.  It was so sweet).  I am truly sad that my semester with them is coming to a close, but thankful that I have recruited most of them to take my Sewing II class next semester so that I get a whole year of them. 
While at Walmart, I found some faux sequin fabric ("fequin") for $1.47/yard.
Yep, ya heard right.  Best Cheap.
I bought them 10 yards of it just for "extra" projects.  They freaked out when they saw it.  So, we are making lanyards.  Sequin Lanyards.  Glamyards.
Here's How (Yes, these directions are pretty elementary.  I wrote them for 7th graders!):

·         Fabric- 3” by 44”
·         Interfacing- 3” by 44” (This is optional.  The fequin fabric I used was super thin, so I used it to stabilize.  You don't need it if you are using cotton unless you want it.
·         Key Ring (or office supply rings.  This is public school, folks!)

1.       Cut your fequin fabric and interfacing to be the same size, 3” by 44”.
2.       Apply interfacing to the fequin fabric with glue dots facing wrong side of fabric.
3.       Fold fabric in half lengthwise, so that is now 1.5” by 44”.  Iron.

4.       Open fabric out so that you now have a crease down the center of the strip.  Fold each edge of the fabric to the center crease.  Iron.
5.       Fold strip back together.

6.       Sew a ¼ inch seam allowance down both sides of the strip.

7.        Fold your strip in half so that is now 22” in length.
8.       Slip the key ring onto the lanyard to that it is in the middle of the strip (Okay, I used book rings I found in the supply closet.  Totally awesome and free!)
9.       Make sure your lanyard it not twisted and pin the two raw edges together.

10.   Sew across the raw edge with a ¼ inch seam allowance several times, backstitching each time.
11.   Trim seam away to 1/8 inch, making sure not to cut into stitches.
12.    Pull ring down to the seam just sewn and center the ring over the seam.

13.   Stitch as close to the ring as possible to secure it in place.  You will need to move your machine needle to the left, as if you were stitching on a zipper.

I'm not the hugest fan of carrying a lanyard.  However, I like the feeling of twirling my keys around while at school.  I feel like a warden on my cell block.  Ha.

Cost?  Well, 1 yard was $1.47.  You use 3 inches, which is 1/12 of a yard.  1/12 of $1.47 is TWELVE CENTS.  Thread and ring were free.  Woop Woop!


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