Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easy Apron Tutorial Link

My 6th graders only spend 3 weeks (if that!) sewing.  We have to learn how to thread our machines, practice stitching (through paper... it's a pretty awesome way to learn how to control the machine!), and then actually sew something.  Three weeks isn't exactly a lot of time to teach 11-year-olds a skill like sewing and produce something.  One of the other FACS teachers in our district came up with the idea of making aprons and then wearing them during the cooking unit, which is the next and final unit (genius!).  I needed a really easy tutorial, so I found this one.

My students and I made them with paper first, taping down the "seams" (not to scale!  We used 8.5" x 11" paper, so they were mini aprons made of paper).  It really helped because I could reference it later when they were sewing, like "remember how we folded the paper twice and then "stitched" it?  You need to do that, but iron and use your sewing machine" and they could visualize it before sewing.

They did an awesome job.  I was shocked at how quickly they were able to pick it up.  We also measured and cut out pattern pieces to cut our fabric from, so we practiced some good 'ole math skills.  It calls for two tea towels, but I just had my students buy fabric (she gives the dimensions in case you want to do that same!).  You need 25 inches for the main part of the apron and 20 inches for the straps.  Here is mine:
I look like a midget chipmunk here.  Whatever.

It has 2 pockets in front.  Apparently that is very important to 6th graders!  It looks crooked here, but I assure you it is not!  I untied my straps so you could see the pockets and didn't think to tie them in the back.  Woops!

Love it!  What I love even more?  Getting a new apron due to the need to demonstrate how to sew this.  =)

Head over to Polkanuts for the full tutorial (Hey, all you pregnant people!  She has some pretty awesome ideas about sewing maternity clothes if you are interested!).


  1. cute apron! Nothing about that picture screams midget chipmunk to me... I would like to proudly report that it is sunday and we changed our sheets. YES!!! no more baby puke sheets. =)

  2. Thanks for posting this--I needed to find a tutorial like this for easy aprons :)


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