Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun with Leather

Yep, a whole week since my last post.  I really hope this doesn't become a trend.  Last week was busy- I had a few volleyball games, a dentist appointment (Yeah, I need a crown and am ticked.  I spit in your face, metal fillings from 10 years ago!), and I was sick.  Fighting both allergies and cold/flu doesn't give you much energy!
Anyway, last Thursday most of the kids in my morning classes were gone on a field trip (it is still beyond me why I don't plan field trips.  This has to change!  There is a textiles plant right outside of town.  Tour?  Yes please!) and I didn't want them all to be behind (we were starting something new), so we had fun with leather!
This is what we made:

Leather Feather earrings!  The girls looooooooooooved it and they were all wearing them when I saw them at lunch.  I think I will wear mine this week with some awesome outfit... because... have you not heard?  The 8th grade class voted me "Best Dressed"!  I don't mean to boast, and I'm honestly quite surprised, but I was never voted anything when I was in school- all 13 years of it.  I feel so loved!  What's even more funny is that it happened on the day that I wore (and got several compliments on) the LOVE PINK sweatpants from Victoria Secret that I scored from the lost and found at school 2 days after school was out last year.  Fair game!  People might tease me for looking like a middle schooler (which I actually enjoy and think is hilarious), but at least I fit into their clothes!  Haha.

Here is the tutorial I used from Little Miss Momma.  Seriously, she has some of the coolest stuff to make and her tutorials are awesome.  It is quickly becoming one of my fav blogs to visit!
Little Miss Momma
Little Miss Momma
I will say, I did not use a needle for the hole.  I used a nail and hammer.  It works better.
Little Miss Momma
Little Miss Momma
Little Miss Momma
 I made a pair by layering 2 "feathers" in different colors, too.

 We made this with leather donations from Ellen, one of our Art teachers (They were real leather samples, too), earring donations from Cheryl, our FACS department head, and tool-borrowing from Megan, the other art teacher.   Thanks, Ellen, Cheryl and Megan!


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