Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun with Felt

I love felt!
What is felt, anyway?
Most fabric is woven, so it has weft and warp yarns (vertical or horizontal in lamens terms).
Felt is a non-woven fabric, like dryer sheets.  Fibers from wool or synthetics are pressed together using heat, moisture, and pressure.  It's super cheap and can do some pretty fun things.
Here are just a few things I've been making with felt:

Dog Costume
(he hates it.  i love it.)
I found this at Walmart (yes, I whipped out my camera!  I was grocery shopping for school at 7:15 in the morning on a Thursday. It was a ghost town people)

It's supposed to be a caterpillar and I didn't know that until after I was done with his costume.  Oh well, he is a 6 legged Caterpillar.  It was $8, and I made this for $1.  It's a dog.  It will do.
I just realized it's way cuter with the little hood.  I will have to add one!

Bib Necklace
Super cheap jewelry and "Mrs. Gibson, it looks like it was really expensive".  Yep, it was $2.25.

Here are the steps:
Cut this kind of shape from black felt- twice.

Use ribbon or an old chain and glue it in between both layers of felt. 

Buy these rhinestones- one package, different shapes and sizes.  Half off at Joanns for $2.
Place rhinestones on top (not really a rhinestone girl- it's a little gawdy, but I guess one piece is okay!) and, only after you have figured out where you want them, glue in place.

Felt Blooms
Perfect on gifts, cards, or a baby's head!  2 versions:

How?  For the first bloom, cut 7 flower shaped pieces, plus a circle.  Fold in half twice and glue four "foundation" petals down.  Fill in the gaps with the other double-folded petals.

Or cut circles and complete the same steps for this look:

I like the flower-shaped petals more.  So sweet!  I made a brooch by gluing a pin to the back...

and pinned them to this shirt:

Who knew?  A $.25 piece of felt can do so many things.  Love it!
Even though I just taught you how to make them, I'm def selling these brooches and baby headbands on my Etsy!  Woot!
Tomorrow I have a post about refilling glade plug ins- come back if you have one!


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