Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Sister

My baby sister turns 23 today!

When I think back to my childhood, one thing I am eternally grateful for is my sister.  The bond 2 sisters share is something you can't describe and can only understand it if you share one.  I often tell my sister that I feel like we are twins because we are so close at heart.  I feel like there are times that we can be so tuned in to one another that we don't have to speak and we grow even closer. 

Growing up, we had our share of ups and downs.  I am sure I was excited when she came along (probably jealous, but I do recall watching a home video where I called her "My bebe" 40 times), but, like all sisters, we were brats along the way.  Sure, she bit my back fat and I shook her head.  Yes, I made fun of her inability to care for her baby-think-it-over doll in high school and she made fun of the fact that I sucked my thumb until I was 21 (yep, you read that right.  Twenty. One.  Wouldn't have known from this set of brace-free pearly whites!).  I buzzed her barbies and threw them in the "jacuzzi" toilet and she refused to let me sleep with her- well- my whole life when I was scared at night of dead people.  BUT, this is why we love each other.

My sister is my life, my rock, my best friend and the one I cannot imagine living without.  She is beautiful, kind, giving, compassionate, and hilarious.  She makes a fool out of herself and doesn't care.  She sings with me to our "songs" by Amy Grant and Wilson Phillips.  She cuddles with me and says "Eeeeeeeee" when she gets excited.  She wears kids' shoes and has webbed toes.  We are the opposite, but we are the same.  As much as I look up to her and wish I could be just like her, I know she feels the same.

I love my sister!  What a blessing she is.  I can't imagine who I would be without her.  There is no one like her.

Here are a few of our fav memories.  I know they won't make sense to you, but they are precious to us!

Chrissy and I at Grandma's house.  I can't believe I let go of Yella Baby long enough to hold her!  See that purple hand?  Chew it, let it harden, sniff it, and rub it.  I'm ashamed to admit how long I did that.
Getting ready to attack my twinkie.  She looks innocent- I am sure she either let out a huge fart or bit me.  Always so spoiled.  Why did SHE get the pink bow?!  =)

Life in the Daipy drawer.  My mom would store diapers in the bottom drawer and we would pull it out and hang out in there.  Most likely an idea I came up with while talking to myself or Yella Baby.  I probably coerced sissy into following me in there in our teddy bear and unicorn sweatsuits. We also used to have sleepovers in the closet after throwing all of the shoes out.  What were we thinking?!
Tramped up as Big Bird with BLUE EYESHADOW THNX MOM.   Did you have those McDonald's happy meal tubs?  Awesome!

Classic Kurowski Picture.  Dan Dan cool as a cucumber.  Me trying to be perfect (and succeeding, amen), Chrissy being a Draaaaaaammma Queeeen.
We took tap and ballet and were in "Annie".  I was  a cat, she was a mouse. How that fits into Annie is beyond me.  Clearly we only took dance for one year (and this fatty only took it because there was a candy store in the basement of the studio and my mom let us pick out one thing every time we went.  Booya).  Check out that form.
Looking extra fine on the Charles Bridge in Prague.  I am so thankful our parents moved us there.  We were forced to love each other, be best friends, and lean on each other... or go crazy.  Wish we had more pictures from this point in life (I think we do, but my parents have them (or we were in middle school and hated everything and everyone.  Dekuji hormones.))

We have gotten to experience so many things together.  Chrissy, I love you more with every day that I am alive.  I pray for you always and can't wait to see you soon.  I am so happy that you are getting married and can't imagine our life and family without Doug.  We finally feel like our family is complete and I can't wait to see you grow into a wife and, someday, a mom =)  Love you and happy birthday!


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