Friday, December 16, 2011

Captivate Us

Well, it's finally here:  Christmas Break.  Hallelujah!
This semester has gone by so fast.  I can remember meeting my girls for the first time like it was yesterday.  I have gotten to know and pray for so many sweet, beautiful young ladies (and 12 young men!).  They organized a Secret Santa for today and required each other to sew the gift.  How cute is that?  They made some of the most adorable little gifts =)  I am sad to say goodbye to them, but thankful a handful are taking Sewing II next semester and I get to hang out with them again.

While I love love love teaching, long breaks are always a highlight (they always joked in college that if you chose to be a teacher because of the breaks, you were in the wrong profession.  I don't know about you fellow teachers out there, but breaks are one of my favorite parts about being a teacher! Being able to make an impact on kids is obviously numero uno).  I love being in my home and miss it when I have to be at work all week.  Few things make me as happy as being home all day.  Being home reminds me of family, of being young and being with my mom and sister.  We've always been home-bodies.  Love our friends, but there is nothing like being at home with family.

I am looking forward to being with our families, spending time with our church fam, and sewing.  Our poor little puppy needs some lovin' too.  =) 

I still plan on blogging every single day during break, so get ready.  Have some pretty sweet tutorials from baby things and photography to how to cut hair!  Woop Woop!

For now, this is what has been on my heart this week:  "Captivate us" by Watermark.  It is a song I am completely obsessed with thanks to my dear friend Julia.  It was sang at her wedding and I adore it (sorry for the lame-o picture show.  This what I could find on You Tube!).

Jesus is so good.


  1. Yay for Christmas break! I look forward to hanging out soon. :)


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