Monday, December 5, 2011

DSLR's and Photoshop

I just checked my "stats", and someone searched for my blog by googling "the gibson girl wordpress blog katie gibson".  Hilarious.  It warms my heart to think I am a "Gibson girl".  So thankful for marriage.

So anyway, here is the deal.
Daniel and I are obsessed with professional photos.
I am obsessed with professional photos.
Not the Sears ones.
Awkward Family Photos.  Google it.  Be prepared.

The real ones.
But we just can't afford them- one session every other year can happen- but what about when we have kids?  I can see it coming:  I am going to want them all the time.  I will be going broke, pimping myself out for sewing lessons, and sacrificing food just so that I can have great photos.

So, I figured- I am pretty creative.  I think I have an artistic eye.  I can figure this out.  Then, I can bless other people with it.

I was scared to propose this to the hub.  I didn't want him to get upset- see the price tag of the cam and flip out.  But really, all I ever hear from people with DSLR's is that they truly pay for themselves as long as you use them right (and learn how to use them, not always shoot in auto) and have the right editing software.  We decided to invest in a good DSLR camera while we have the means to do it so that I can take our own pictures.  All of our major celebrations (anniversary, Christmas, birthdays) happen this month and next, so we gifted ourselves early thanks to Black Friday sales (free bag, SD card, and lens!  Woop!).

Anyway, after 2 rounds of pictures, this sucker pays for itself compared to what we would pay someone to do it for us.

I was able to earn a little extra income doing some sewing-on-the-side, so we also purchased Photoshop.  I have been playing with it a lot and feel like I am already learning so much.
Here is an example-
Awesome!  I'm sure some profesh is looking at this and thinking, "Oh my gosh, that is a terrible photo", but whatev.  1.  Just starting with Photoshop and 2. Didn't do a single thing but add an action.  I know the lighting needs to be fixed, but I'm still figuring this out.

Photoshop language is like Kingon (I watch too much Big Bang...)  It's a process learning how to do everything.  One thing I learned quick is that if you just use the auto formatting settings, you might as well use Picasa for free.  I googled tutorials on blurring, filters, and actions and found this pin on Pinterest:
Which linked me to The Pioneer Woman.  This gal has FREEEEE actions (they aren't usually free!) that you can download/make your photos look presh.  There is a link on that website for another site that explains how to install everything-Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics.  Love this site, too- so many tutorials about how to use Photoshop.

I'm so excited to play around with it.  I learned a lot about the camera in general from Kevin & Amanda, including how to shoot in Aperture mode.  This tutorial explains a lot, as well as links to others on their site that I have totally stalked.

Daniel doesn't like when I take his picture (as adorable as he is) and the dog thinks the moving lens is a sniper.  I have nothing to play with!  I cannot wait to meet my new niece.  In a little over a month, I will have one of the cutest, sweetest little girls to practice on =)  If you want some free pictures that might not be the greatest (ha.  I will try!), let me know!


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