Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to Wash Uggs

My feet reek.

I know, gracious.

When I was in elementary school and middle school, my friends and I played club soccer (indoor and outdoor... I started out atrocious.  At our first tryouts we were a "package deal" according to the mom of one of my friends.  Thankfully, one of my friends was so awesome, they just took us all.  I was the chubby defender.  Baha.  I got better {and lost some weight} over time).  At sleepovers, the "triple dog dare" during truth or dare was to smell my Adidas Sambas for 10 seconds.
Did you have these?  What tom boy girl didn't, can I get an amen?! Ha.


=)  I thought it was funny, no hard feelings.  Nonetheless, we're talking serious stench.

My sister bought some Ugg boots a few years ago and they stretched out so much they don't fit her anymore and now fit moi.  They must have stretched a ton because she wears size 5 shoes (I don't know how the girl stands upright.  She has webbed toes, too.  Hahah!  Something that pretty has to have something weird!) and I wear size 8.  I wear them a lot- but they are starting to fume.  I can smell them now as I type- and they are on my feet!

I was weary of washing them- I know they are made with real wool and I see signs in dry cleaning establishments that they clean Uggs, telling me to proceed with caution.

1.  I refuse to pay someone to wash my clothing.  Ridic.
2.  How am I going to do this without ruining them!?

I googled it and found answers.  Here is what I did:

First, Soak with a mild detergent suitable for wool (Duh.  Woolite!) in the tub with lukewarm water.  Scrub any really dirty spots with an old tooth brush.

Rinse with cold water.  Try and gently squeeze any excess water out that you can.  (p.s. want to wash clothes like this?  Check it out!)

Place boots in the washing machine.  Do not add soap!  Start your machine on the spin cycle (thankfully I have an obsolete washing machine that allows me to just turn the dial.  Agh, some day high efficiency will come my way!).  Remove boots when spin cycle is complete.

Let boots dry indoors or out- just not in direct sunlight.  I heard they may be tight the first time you wear them again, but they will quickly stretch back out.
FYI- got that drying rack when we moved into our new church- left for dead by the previous church.  mine!  Love it.  Would also work fantastic at a garage sale.  Hmmmm...
 Uggs are now smellin' fresh and clean!  =)


  1. Do you have a way of de-stinking shoes that aren't washable? How about orthotics? I'd be eternally grateful, and so would everyone who lives with me!

  2. I had a similar situation with my youngest. She wore her favorite sparkly pink Disney boots in the rain and they turned sour smelling. Thanks to the internets I found the thing to use is dog cleaner (the kind for dog urine)! It worked like MAGIC. I use the stuff at Walmart (called Out I think). Would probably help in between washing's!

  3. DIY spray to stop feet from smelling: In a travel sized spray bottle, fill with rubbing alcohol. Add 3-5 drops tea tree oil. Shake to mix. Spray on bottom of feet and between toes just to moisten but not soak. Allow to dry then put on socks (if wearing)/shoes. Feet will not smell by then end of the day! Tried and tested, it really works!

  4. I have three dogs that always mark my stuff,well they got to my uggs. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get dog pee out of uggs without Woolite?


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