Saturday, June 18, 2011

Katie See Katie Sew

In the last year, I think I have sewn enough window treatments to outfit the white house and enough throw pillows to build a rather successful floatation device.
I've been building a "Oh... I have to make this" list of fashion items for me, but I haven't gotten to it until now.  Yay!  Thursday was "Sewing Thursday" with my Momma and it was a. great. day.
We woke up early and went walking across the Arthur Ravenel Suspension Bridge around sunrise, mainly because my dad wanted to see the cruise ship in port.

Look at my dad's hand in his picture!  I told him to point up- it looks like he's saying "Hey, I'm just in the picture for the boat!".  Haha! Thursday was their 27th wedding anniversary.  Crazy.  Daniel and I are blessed to have great parents who are still married.  Sad that it's considered rare to fall into that category.
We went to the Club for breakfast and then walking around downtown.  Spending time alone with my parents reminds me of when we lived in Europe and the 3 of us would hang out all the time.  It was great!
We came back home and starting sewing.  and sewing.  and sewing.  I think it was 5 hours straight!  My mom and I had a wonderful time doing something we both love.  She was the one who taught me how to sew when I was a freshman in college, which was what threw me into being a FACS teacher.  She is who I have to thank for showing me the greatest skill I could ask for.  Thanks Momma!
Here was the pattern I chose:
Don't you love it?!?  My mom constantly tells me I "was always a ruffles girl".  Love it!  Here is the view I chose:
Why did I choose this pattern?
  1. It's by Cynthia Rowley.  I love her designs and patterns.
  2. It's a dress.  with ruffles.
  3. It can either be long or short.
Anyshways, it was a great pattern- very easy to follow, easy to alter (which is important- for some reason, trying to get a pattern to actually fit it apparently rocket science.  It's still a little big in the bust, but we can handle it!), and did not have a lining.  You can use so many different fabrics with it as well.  I used a linen-like fabric (I think I'll make it again in something stiffer, but I like it a lot in this fabric!).  Here is how it turned out!

Don't you love long dresses?  Shhhhhyyyea!  So comfy, can't tell I'm poochin'.  Perfect!  

On a side note, 2 Etsy sales!  Woot!  I didn't really think anyone would buy anything- it was mostly just fun for me. Sweet!  Sewin' Cash! 



  1. Hmm I either have that pattern or wanted to buy it! Love it! I need to get my machine out this summer. -Erin

  2. Very cute dress! I have a few skirts and window coverings I want to make.


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