Monday, June 27, 2011

What a Little Mulch Can Do.

Hey there!  It's Monday morning and I woke up early to the sound of feeling like I was in a hurricane.  The rain and wind this morning was terrible!  I didn't sleep well because we watched Inception last night (and didn't finish until 11 on the dot.  10 is our bedtime!) and I kept waking up and telling myself not to fall asleep because A.  Someone was going to come into my mind and steal all of my secrets and ideas and B. I wasn't going to be able to wake up or be able to know if I was conscious in a dream or reality.  Whoa.  Have you seen that movie?  So. Good.  If you have, I want to have a little chat with you about the ending.  =)
Last post I said we were going to get some landscaping done.  It's been on the radar for a while, but we are hosting the youth group Friday night and that was what actually kicked it in gear- thank goodness!  I love doing house stuff with my husband.  There is nothing like the feeling of working together to dream something up, having fun doing it (me coming up with some creative way to either get it cheap, discounted, or free!), and stepping back to say, "Dang!  We done good!".  We didn't do that much yesterday, but it made a huge difference.  Here are some before, during, and after pictures:

Before: March-ish.  Nothing but patches of dead grass.

Still before- but we planted 5 bushes.  We needed a 6th, but never had the chance to go get it.  They sat.  Like this.  So ugly and neglected.  Still, dead grass.

We bought some stones, another bush, and 8 bags of Cypress mulch.  Hard workin man I have!

What I guy (and a looker!).  Love him!

Finito!  I love it.  Yes, we need to trim with the edger- or weedeater- whatever it's called.  Disregard the condition of our lawn!
So so much better.  Our bushes look crooked and it bothers me, but they weren't that way when we planted them.  My engineer of a husband even measured from the side of the house before planting each bush.  They've been growing for 4 months and I think they look crooked because they are so small.. and grew this way or that way.  Grr.  I will come to terms with it I'm sure.  I will love it even more when they become adult bushes!
Yep, we still have dead grass.  The weeds are also taking over our lawn and patio.  I did some serious spraying the other day, but I think it needs another round.  Gah!  I hate not having a plush lawn!
Rose bushes up front.  Before- needing mulch.  After- has mulch.  Not huge, but a little facelift for sure.

Okay, we have a love hate relationship with this plant.  It's in the rose bush bed.  I call it our "Tush" because I think it looks like some deformed tree bush.  A little bush.. that grows tree leaves?  I mean, it reminds me of a bush that, like, grows human hands or something life that.  God, what were you thinking?  I'm sure He thinks it's beautiful and I should too, but I am sinful and I think it's hideous.  One day in heaven I will appreciate it, along with mayonnaise and everything ugly in the world.  Anyway, Daniel loves it which, coupled with his choice to take me as his wife, proves his awful taste in... everything.  =)  Just kidding.  Love you!

If there is anything I have learned since becoming a homeowner, it's that my "perfect house" is a work. in. progress.  It won't happen overnight or in a long weekend.  It take time, savings, and hard work.  I've learned to take my time and do it the right way, not the fast way, and we are loving every minute of it!
How much did this all cost me you ask?
Well, for 6 bushes, 8 bags of mulch, and 24 fourteen-pound stones, I paid.... $30!
Blue Cross Blue Shield KC has a bangin rewards program where you get online and log your exercise for points.  Once you hit 25,000 points, you get a $25 gift card of your choice!  We either choose Home Depot or Visa Prepaid to use anywhere.  We had $65 in cards, which paid for the stones and mulch.  $30 was for our little bushes.

Hello!  Love it!


  1. Love the work you guys did! Looks beautiful! BTW, that "bush" you aren't liking so much (lol) would probably do better in the shade. I have a couple of the same plant and it's related to coral bells I think....keep up the good work! Miss you guys!


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