Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to the South

I'm in Charleston, SC visiting my parents and sis- they moved here a few years ago from Kansas.  It's hard being so far away from them, but it's great to get to visit the East coast to see them every so often.
So far, we've gone to Savannah, took a few historic carriage rides, gone shopping, and made fun of each other- a lot!

My sister is a reallly bad driver- don't tell her I said that.  She once called me and said she was driving, texting, and peeling an orange at the same time.  We had a come-ta-Jesus talk and she's turned her toosh around.  Haha- but still....here is her parking job:

Really?!?!?!  She is so funny.  Love her.
My Dad and I went trash picking on our bikes this morning and found this beauty on the curb!  WOW!  I wish I could take it home on the plane with me!

She just need a little glue on the side and a wipe-down.  free.  It doesn't get any better than this- and that is all iron on the sides!  Jealous.

We went to Savannah on Sunday and my Grandma, Mom, Dad, and I fell in love with this little quilt shop- they had some vintage aprons outside.  My grandma said, "Well, we could make these!"  Now you know where I get it!
Apparently Savannah is Paula Dean country- they had her crap everywhere.  Her restaurant has a waiting list a mile long and it is a buffet on Sundays.  Ya'll who know me know I don't like buffets anyway.  I don't even like the way she cooks.  But, I did enjoy seeing her everywhere and shopping in her little store =)
I know, I'm inappropriate.  I thought it was funny, though. =)

We went a-walkin and even went antique shopping and look what I found!
Did you have these?  We did.  So funny!  This antique mall was so ridiculous, though.  They had pure junk and most of it wasn't even "antique".  Made me so mad!  At least I know what I'm lookin at!
We visited Hilton Head Island, SC and on the way home found...
Me town!

We have been having so much fun this week and I don't have to leave until Sunday morning.  What a blessing! I will update this week again sometime. Friday morning is sewing morning with Momma.  Can't wait!  We will be having lots more fun and many adventures.
I realize none of you care about my trip, but this is mostly for Daniel.  I miss my husband!
Off to grill some dinner and make scones.  Yum!

AND check out my Etsy!  I updated it with lots of things and many more to come!  The link is at the top right hand side of the blog, or you can visit it here.
See ya later!


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